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Taoist Blade Mod APK - Cyberpunk Warrior Game


Looking for a fun and exciting action game to play on your phone? Taoist Blade, also known as Kun Blade, is an awesome side-scrolling hack and slash game with a cyberpunk theme. Developed and published by Fengda Interactive, Taoist Blade offers players an immersive combat experience with smooth controls and vibrant graphics. The best part is you can download the mod APK for free on Asukamods!

Asukamods is a trusted source for modified (modded) APKs of popular Android games. The site is completely safe to download from and provides mods of games like Taoist Blade that unlock all levels, enable unlimited money, remove ads, and more. With modded games from Asukamods, you can enjoy your favorite titles without restrictions or annoying in-app purchases. Keep reading to learn why you should download the Taoist Blade mod APK from Asukamods.

Modded Android games have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more titles adopt aggressive monetization tactics like loot boxes, energy timers, and pay-to-win mechanics. While these systems help developers generate revenue, they often detract from the overall gaming experience for players. Mod APKs circumvent these issues, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay without worrying about running out of lives, energy, or premium currency.

Overview of Taoist Blade

Taoist Blade is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where humans and supernatural monsters coexist. You play as a young warrior on a quest to rescue your kidnapped sister. Armed with a large mystical blade, you must fight through dangerous city streets filled with punk gangs, corrupt security robots, and monstrous creatures.

Gameplay involves side-scrolling through urban environments and using melee combos to defeat enemies. The combat is fast-paced and responsive, with multiple attack buttons and skills to master. You'll need to time your strikes, dodge attacks, and unleash powerful special moves to survive the onslaught of foes. Defeating enemies and bosses will earn you experience points to upgrade your stats and unlock new abilities.

Along with the main story campaign, there are special challenge modes to test your skills against waves of enemies or time trials. With vivid anime-style visuals and an energetic electronic soundtrack, Taoist Blade nails the gritty cyberpunk aesthetic. Neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and futuristic technology create an immersive sci-fi setting.

One of the standout features of Taoist Blade is its diverse cast of enemies. From street punks wielding baseball bats and chains to hulking mechanized security drones, each foe requires a different combat approach. You'll also encounter demonic monsters and supernatural beings pulled straight from Chinese mythology and folklore. Bosses are massive, screen-filling threats that will push your skills to the limit.

Key Features of Taoist Blade Mod APK

Here are some of the cool features you get with the Taoist Blade mod APK from Asukamods:

  • Unlocked all levels and chapters
  • Unlimited health and lives
  • Infinite energy/stamina
  • Maxed out skills and abilities
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • Free to download and play

With all levels unlocked from the start, you can dive right into the action and experience the full story without grinding. Infinite health and unlimited lives mean you'll never get stuck on a tough section or boss again. And having all skills unlocked lets you experiment with different combat styles and find your favorite moves.

Removing the energy/stamina system and ads creates a smooth, uninterrupted gameplay experience. You can play for as long as you want without hitting paywalls or being bombarded with annoying pop-ups. These mods provide a more enjoyable and less frustrating way to enjoy Taoist Blade.

Why Download from Asukamods?

There are a few key reasons why Asukamods is the best place to get the Taoist Blade mod:

  • Completely free - no payments or registration required
  • Secure download links - no malware or viruses
  • Regularly updated with latest game versions
  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • Range of mods for many popular games
  • Active community forums

You can trust that any mod APK you download from Asukamods will be safe and work exactly as described. The site is dedicated to providing an optimal gaming experience for users without the hassle of in-app purchases or other monetization schemes.

Asukamods has a large community of gamers who help vet the mods and provide feedback. The site owners are active in updating the available mods with the latest game versions as soon as they are released. This ensures compatibility and gives you access to the newest content.

With a slick, user-friendly interface, finding and downloading your desired game mod is quick and easy on Asukamods. You can browse by new releases, popular games, categories, or use the search function. Each game page has screenshots, descriptions, and an active comments section.

How to Download Taoist Blade Mod APK

Downloading the modded APK file is quick and easy:

  1. Go to and search for "Taoist Blade" or go directly to the game page there.
  2. Scroll down and click the download button.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the file to download to your device.
  4. Open the APK file and tap Install when prompted.
  5. Accept requests for app installation from unknown sources (your browser will guide you).
  6. Once installed, open Taoist Blade mod and enjoy!

Make sure you have the latest game version already installed. The mod is an add-on file that will work with that. If not, download the original game APK as well. The Asukamods page has instructions if you need help.

It's recommended to enable installation from unknown sources temporarily while installing the mod APK. Just remember to disable it again after for security. You may also need to give the mod file storage permissions on newer Android versions.

Gameplay and Review

Taoist Blade offers addictively fun hack and slash combat on mobile. The controls are tight and responsive, with combo attacks feeling weighty and impactful. Chaining together strings of light and heavy strikes while dodging enemy blows is immensely satisfying.

Each level is a linear stage filled with hordes of bad guys to slice through, culminating in an epic boss battle against a massive foe. These screen-filling behemoths will test your mastery of Taoist Blade's deep combat system, requiring precise timing and skillful use of special abilities to defeat.

Visually, the game pops with vibrant colors, slick animations, and impressive particle effects during combat. The anime-inspired art style with its bold lines and dynamic character designs is eye-catching. The gritty, neon-drenched environments brimming with cyberpunk flair provide an atmospheric backdrop to the action.

The thumping electronic soundtrack with driving beats and crunchy synths fits the game's futuristic setting perfectly. The music ramps up intensity during frantic battles, adding to the adrenaline rush. Satisfying sound effects like the weighty thud of your blade sinking into enemies make each hit feel powerful.

Unlocking and upgrading new skills and gear provides a solid sense of character progression. As you earn experience and currency, you can invest in new abilities like dashing strikes, area-of-effect attacks, and defensive moves to vary up your combat approach. Finding powerful new weapon drops is also a thrill.

While the core gameplay loop of hacking, slashing, and upgrading is repetitive, it never gets old thanks to the engaging combat system and steady influx of new enemy types to overcome. The challenge ramps up nicely, forcing you to master defensive maneuvers and combos. There is plenty of content here to keep players hooked for hours on end.

In terms of negatives, the story that propels the action forward is pretty bare bones and cliché. While the cyberpunk world is visually striking, the narrative and characters inhabiting it are one-note and forgettable. Also, like many free mobile games, Taoist Blade incorporates aggressive monetization tactics and pay-to-win elements in its unmodded form.

Thankfully, the Asukamods mod version removes all of the obnoxious monetization entirely. With unlimited lives, energy, currency, and abilities unlocked, you can fully immerse yourself in the stylish action without artificial limitations or paywalls. This allows Taoist Blade's strengths as a visceral combat game to shine.

Final Verdict

For action game fans on Android, Taoist Blade is easy to recommend, especially with the myriad benefits provided by the Asukamods mod APK. Intuitive controls combined with fast-paced, combo-driven combat make this a must-try title for anyone craving some virtual power fantasy fulfillment on their phone or tablet.

The vibrant cyberpunk visuals with their dazzling neon aesthetics and rocking electronic soundtrack further enhance the stylish gameplay. While the story leaves something to be desired, the sheer fun of cleaving through hordes of punk gangers and mechanized monstrosities more than makes up for it.

With the Taoist Blade mod APK downloaded from Asukamods' secure servers, you'll be able to experience this frenetic action romp exactly as its developers intended - without the predatory monetization practices that plague so many modern mobile games. No more hitting paywalls or grinding for resources. Just you, your blade, and a cavalcade of baddies to slice through.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Taoist Blade mod APK today from Asukamods and start your journey as a cyberpunk warrior out for revenge. Immerse yourself in this kinetic hack-and-slash adventure and lose yourself in its beautiful, if somewhat shallow, futuristic world. With unlimited everything, the only limitation is your own skill at mastering the combat system.


-HD Graphics

-Immersive Battle 


Link Download:


Size: 1.03gb

See you next time and stay tuned!

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