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Naruto Senki: Battle Of All Kage Mod by LSC Gaming APK

Do you like watching naruto anime? If yes, then of course you will be interested in playing naruto games that we will discuss this time. We know that Naruto is one of the best and best anime. And here is the games called Naruto Senki! And not an original one, but this is already modded with various features such as much more new characters, new stages, new skills without cooldown and much more!

For information that Naruto Senki is an arcade genre game that you can play it offline. In this game there are many characters that you can play like the characters in the Naruto anime. Some of these characters include Minato, Kisame, Gaara, Pain, Sarutobi, Tobirama, and so on.

In addition, in Naruto Senki Battle Of All Kage you will also get additional characters that you may not have gotten in Naruto Senki (not the mod version). Each character is equipped with 3 moves in accordance with those in the anime. For example Hatake Kakashi who has Raikiri's moves.

But there are also some rare characters that have 4 to 6 moves. Of course, the strength of his moves is greater than the character in general. The goal of Naruto Senki is to destroy enemy troops and fortifications. If you have successfully knocked down your opponent's tower, the strength of your army will increase. The excitement of playing Naruto Senki will make anyone addicted. That's why you have to download it immediately and feel how exciting it is to play this game.
-All New Characters
-New Stages/Arenas
-No Cooldown
-New Jutsu/Skills
-Unlimited Money
-New GUI
Link Download:

Size: 290mb

Credit: LCS Gaming

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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