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SCP - Containment Breach Mod Menu APK - SO CREEPY!


In the world of mobile gaming, mods have become increasingly popular as they allow players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience. Modded APKs in particular provide access to cheats, unlimited money/resources, unlocked characters and more in popular Android games. However, finding safe and working mod APKs can be a challenge. This article will provide a guide to safely downloading the SCP - Containment Breach Mobile Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK.

Modding games has become a widespread practice among mobile gamers seeking to gain an edge or simply explore different facets of a game. While some mods are created for fun and experimentation, others offer practical benefits like unlocking premium content or enabling helpful cheats. Regardless of the motivation, a high-quality mod APK can breathe new life into a game and provide a refreshing twist on the original experience.

Overview of SCP - Containment Breach

SCP - Containment Breach is a survival horror game based on the stories of The SCP Foundation. In the game, players are trapped inside a facility that contains dangerous paranormal creatures and objects called SCPs. The goal is to survive and escape the facility by avoiding or containing the SCP entities. With its creepy atmosphere and randomly generated levels, SCP - Containment Breach provides an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience.

The mobile version of the game retains the horror elements while adapting the controls and gameplay for touchscreen mobile devices. However, the difficulty level remains high and surviving the containment breaches requires skill. This is where mods can come in handy.

SCP - Containment Breach has garnered a cult following among horror game enthusiasts for its unique premise and intense gameplay. The game's randomized level design ensures that each playthrough is a fresh and unpredictable experience, adding to the tension and replayability. While the core objective remains the same – escape the facility – the challenges and obstacles players face can vary significantly, making it a true test of survival skills and quick thinking.

Introducing the SCP Modded APK

To enhance the gameplay and make SCP - Containment Breach more accessible on mobile, modder Ciber Hacker has created a handy mod menu. The mod provides players with useful cheats and hacks that can be toggled on/off as needed. Some of the features include:

  • God mode - become invincible
  • Freeze SCPs - stop them in their tracks
  • Speed hack - move faster
  • Time control - slow down or speed up time
  • Size controls - change player and SCP sizes
  • Fog controls - adjust fog density
  • Disable blinking - stop automatic blinking

These powerful cheats allow players to explore the facility, experiment with SCP encounters and essentially customize the horror experience to their liking. The mod menu makes the game more fun and accessible for casual players while retaining the core gameplay.

One of the standout features of this mod APK is the ability to freeze SCPs, allowing players to study these enigmatic entities up close without fear of harm. This feature can be particularly useful for those seeking to unravel the lore behind the SCP Foundation or simply appreciate the game's intricate creature designs. Additionally, the time control feature can be a game-changer, enabling players to slow down time during intense encounters or speed it up during tedious sections, ensuring a more tailored and enjoyable experience.

How to Download the SCP Mod APK Safely

Downloading mods from unknown sources can be risky business. Luckily, the SCP mod APK is available on the trusted site Here are the steps to download it safely:

  1. Go to on your Android browser
  2. Use the search bar to find "SCP - Containment Breach Mobile Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK"
  3. Tap the download button on the page
  4. Select "Direct Download" in the popup prompt
  5. Wait for the 24MB APK file to download. Also download the 179MB Data file.
  6. Install the APK. Enable "Install from unknown sources" if prompted.
  7. After install, move the extracted Data folder to Android/Obb folder.

Following these steps will ensure you get the latest working version of the mod directly from the trusted asukamods website. The site also provides modding tutorials and troubleshooting tips.

It's important to note that downloading modded APKs from unreliable sources can pose significant security risks, including the potential for malware or other malicious code to be embedded within the files. By obtaining the mod from a reputable platform like, users can have peace of mind knowing that the files have been thoroughly vetted and are safe for installation.

Why You Should Use

Here are some key reasons to use for all your modded APK needs:

  • Trusted site with 100% working and virus-free APKs
  • Regularly updated latest versions of popular game mods
  • Detailed installation guides provided
  • Variety of mods for different genres like action, RPG, strategy etc.
  • Active community for modding discussions
  • Completely free service

In summary, is a reliable one-stop-shop for getting mods of games like SCP - Containment Breach and many others. The clean APK download and guides ensure a smooth modding experience.

One of the key advantages of using is the platform's commitment to maintaining an active and engaged community. Users can participate in forums, share their experiences with specific mods, and even collaborate on new mod projects. This sense of community not only fosters a vibrant modding ecosystem but also ensures that users have access to a wealth of knowledge and support from experienced modders.

Installing the SCP Mod Menu

After downloading the mod APK and data files from, you need to properly install them on your Android device. Here is a quick guide:

  1. First install the APK file normally. Enable external sources if prompted.
  2. Copy the extracted data folder to Android/Obb folder on internal storage.
  3. Launch the SCP - Containment Breach game.
  4. Look for the mod menu button on the game screen and tap it.
  5. The mod menu will open with all the cheat options available.
  6. Toggle the cheats you want like God Mode, No Blink etc. and resume gameplay!

The mod menu seamlessly integrates with the game and can be opened anytime with the click of a button. Experiment with different cheats to customize the gameplay as you want.

It's worth noting that some mod menus may require additional steps or configuration to function properly. In such cases, provides detailed installation guides and troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth setup process. Additionally, the site's community forums can be a valuable resource for seeking assistance or guidance from experienced modders.

Tips for Using the SCP Mod Menu

Here are some tips to get the best experience after installing the SCP mod menu:

  • Don't enable too many cheats in one go as it can make the game too easy
  • Try out cheats one by one to see their effects
  • Change up cheats from time to time to add variety
  • Disable cheats when you want more challenge
  • Adjust player and SCP sizes for hilarious results
  • Use no blink, freeze SCPs and fog control for easy exploration
  • God mode alone makes the game way more relaxing to play

With the ability to toggle cheats on and off, you have great freedom over the experience you want. Don't be afraid to experiment!

One of the beauties of modded APKs is the ability to tailor the gameplay experience to your preferences. Whether you're seeking a more relaxed playthrough or a heightened challenge, the mod menu offers a range of options to suit your playstyle. Additionally, some players may find that certain cheats enhance the game's immersion or narrative elements, allowing for a more engaging and personalized experience.


The SCP - Containment Breach Mobile Mod Menu APK by Ciber Hacker is an excellent way to enjoy the game on Android with extra hacks and cheats. Thanks to trusted sites like, getting modded APKs safely is no longer difficult. So download the SCP mod menu APK from asukamods today and step into the shoes of an SCP researcher with god-like powers over the paranormal entities! Just be sure not to let them out of containment.

In conclusion, modded APKs like the SCP - Containment Breach Mobile Mod Menu offer a unique opportunity to enhance and customize your gaming experience. By leveraging the power of mods, players can explore new dimensions of their favorite games, overcome challenging obstacles, or simply indulge in a bit of harmless fun. With trusted platforms like providing safe and reliable access to these mods, the world of mobile gaming has never been more exciting or diverse.


-God Mode On/Off

-Stop SCPs On/Off

-Speedhack On/Off

-Timescale On/Off

-Player Scale On/Off

-SCPs Scale On/Off

-Fog Colors On/Off

-Never Blink On/Off

Link Download:


APK Size: 24mb

DATA Size: 179mb

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.ClassifiedStudios.SCP" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

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