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Minecraft Dungeons Android - Mobile Edition Mod APK

Minecraft Dungeons is set in the same fictional world as the original Minecraft known as "Overworld". The world consists of rough 3D objects commonly called beams. This game is made originally by Mojang but ported to android devices by ParadoxBH, so don't forget to support them too! Furthermore, if you want download Minecraft Dungeons apk from this one, the game already mod with Unlimited Money so you will be able to purchase anything you wanted!!

Unlike the original Minecraft series that carries the sandbox theme and open world concept, Minecraft Dungeons apk is an adventure game that assigns you to find your way through the basement, defeat a horde of enemies that block, collect items from treasure chests to subvert the powerful bosses in the area.

An engaging gameplay accompanied by a slick storyline and a distinctive background music, Minecraft Dungeons offers an action-packed adventure experience without losing the flavor of Minecraft itself. It does not have open world, crafting, and mining features. Minecraft Dungeon mod apk allows you to fight freely. You will be given six gear items: armour, melee weapon, bow to carry out attacks and three artefacts that can increase fighting ability in a certain duration.

Good at using swords or spears? Or is it more convenient to use a regular crossbow than a crossbow? All you can choose according to your fighting style. You'll discover a variety of new weapons throughout the dungeon while defeating enemies or from treasure chests. And with this Minecraft Dungeons mod apk, you will be able to freely buy/gacha equipment from the local shop that available in the main map.

Minecraft Dungeons Android still adopts the same graphic concept as the game, where characters and environtment games are constructed with pixel based artstyle. This Minecraft Dungeons mobile is still have the cube-style graphics. Even so, this game has better graphics quality than previous games where the lighting and color elements in this game are made with more detail and contrast. In this action game you will go on adventures in dungeons, defeating the enemies in it, until finally fighting with the main enemy in this game.

In this Minecraft Dungeons android you will be challenged to explore dungeons containing hostile mobs from minecraft worlds such as Creeper, Zombie, Spider, Slime, Skeleton, Witch, Enderman and even other Monster that are not in original Minecraft games.

The number of hostile mobs depends on the level you choose that can be adjusted to the status of the character level. The higher the level you choose, be prepared to face more enemies. Interestingly, with hack and slash gameplay with a given top down view, you can fight freely and action-packed. You can even do cool action when fighting dozens of enemies by defeating them at once.

Minecraft Dungeons android is a game with a loot based concept. This means that you will get a lot of loot after doing missions or when defeating the enemy. Want to look cool and cool when fighting? The armour section can be customized according to your choice. You can even get bonus ability such as removing a pet to help fight when using certain armour.

And then next is the artefact section that is useful to increase ability in a certain duration of time. You can choose to use artefacts for summoning pets such as Wolf and Illama to distract enemies or Horn who can stage enemies around you.

You can even replace these gear items as you please. Whatever choice of gear items you use, adjust to the fighting style and dungeon level level you're playing. Each armour, melee weapon, and bow also has epic and rare statuses.

Therefore, do not rely too much on one equipment only when playing because most likely some levels in the future you will get better equipment. You can always look for better equipment with Minecraft Dungeons mod apk, but also be careful, the gems might runs out if you blindly restock the shop. So you might want to wait after for a while (We recommended to only restock for 3-5x and then wait for another day). If you are too stubborn and do not want to change weapons from start to finish, you will be able to immediately feel the difficulty after completing the next few levels.

One thing you should pay attention to after downloading Minecraft Dungeons for Android is to pay attention to how the enemy patterns in attacking. From these enemy attacking patterns, you'll know how best to deal with them and be sure to always prioritize more disruptive enemies. Use long-range attacks, rush in, or use spells to defeat the annoying enemy after which you will be able to defeat other enemies calmly.

Regardless of whether you are an old or new Minecraft player, we strongly recommends you to download Minecraft Dungeons mod apk game to play. For those of you old Minecraft players, you can nostalgically enjoy the thrill of fighting with the mob either in an open environment or in a cave though. At least the survival element feels more challenging even without doing crafting and mining. New to Minecraft but love playing hack and slash games? No problem with Minecraft Dungeons android. Gameplay with easy game controls will still make it easier for you to play. All you need is to answer the adventures in each dungeon level with heroic action.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 169mb

Credit: ParadoxBH

Minecraft Dungeons Android - Mobile Edition Mod APK Gameplay

For the Original Version (No Mod): Minecraft Dungeons - Pocked Edition (Original)

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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