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Minecraft Dungeons - Pocket Edition (Mobile) by ParadoxBH APK

Minecraft Dungeons - Pocket Edition (Mobile) by ParadoxBH APK - Review

Minecraft Dungeons is an action 3D  role-playing game dungeon game. This is a spin off of the original popular sandbox game Minecraft. That is originally playable in Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Windows. But now you can play Minecraft Dungeon in your mobile devices! This is not an official game from Mojang, this is fanmade game by ParadoxBH, so do not forget to support them! Eventhough this is fanmade version, but the gameplay and features is almost like the original official version! So this is worth to play!

Not like its brother Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons doesn't about mining or building. Instead, its more to a hack and slash-styled dungeon crawler. Minecraft Dungeons is rendered from an isometric perspective. Players explore the generated dungeons filled with randomly-generated monsters, players also will deal with bosses, puzzles & traps, and finding treasure. Players can also use any weapon or armor they want to.
-Battle Arena
-Skins Customization
-And so much more!
Link Download:

Size: 165mb

Credit: ParadoxBH

For Minecraft Dungeons mod version with Unlimited Money: Minecraft Dungeons Android - Mobile Edition Mod APK

Minecraft Dungeons Android - Mobile Edition Mod APK Gameplay

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1. Click the red button "DOWNLOAD"
2. After Download Station (ASUKALINK) opened, choose and click the link then open it.
3. Press the button "CLICK 2X TO CONTINUE" that appear.
5. If there an Ads appear, just close it (or by press back).
6. Wait 15 seconds for the generating link.
7. Click the "GET LINK"
8. There you will go into the download page!