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MOBA Offline - Steam World Mod APK

Steam World is an awesome game MOBA offline android you can play without internet connection, this game is very similar to Mobile Legend (ML) and also AOV both in terms of Map - hero to gameplay, but in offline version and absolutely does not require internet connection, surely MOBA Offline is suitable for those of you who want to practice or just want to try. Moreover, in this Steam World mod apk, you will given mod menu to help you through the game.

Do you like playing Mobile Legends games? This game is phenomenal, but unfortunately it needs the internet. Therefore, Jaka wants to tell you android offline MOBA games like ML. MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a popular game genre that is loved by gamers. Now MOBA games are very popular with game lovers. This is due to the concept of a game where player vs player faces each other. The main mission usually destroys the enemy base, there are also those whose missions obtain many kills. Steam World is one of the best MOBA Offline that you can play.

In addition to having pretty good graphics, it is also very similar to Mobile Legend and can be played offline. This game only has 7 heroes, although this game is very exciting.

As usual, you'll be in between the teams. There are character options in this game, which we can use in battle. Unfortunately for the other eleventh members will be held randomly, so you can not judge the character of our eleventh member. Of course if in addition to you other characters will be controlled by CPU/Bot/AI. And there's a kind of menu to get our eleventh members, like to a certain location or attack. This menu becomes a kind of eleventh coordination that replaces cooperation between players in the online version moba, the difference is this time is offline moba.

Adapting the concept of the classic MOBA game, Steam World mod apk became an offline MOBA game that was a pity to miss. The game is actually still in the beta test stage, so it provides offline combat by fighting bots.

Like most MOBA games in general, here the player will do a 5-on-5 fight. The fighting mechanism is the same. That is, the player can choose 3 paths to attack the enemy base.

There are several characters that can currently be played by players. In addition, the duration of the game in this game is also relatively normal, which ranges in a dozen minutes.

The visuals of the characters are also cool, with nice graphics and good to look at. This game has the standard controls of action games. There are analogues to moving the character. Buttons to perform attacks and several skill buttons around it.

The ultimate attack is also present, although it is not visualized like other MOBA, but this attack can cut a lot of blood / hp enemies. Try to kill enemies with this attack, because it is more profitable. The cooldown time when the character dies is quite long. So it's better to be slaughtered than to run away.

The game is based on 6 kingdoms, multicultural and steampunk, Chinese style, and other styles. Combined, the game has a complete worldview, diverse tactical options, and rich gameplay. Using traditional MOBA maps, it perfectly inherits characters in comics and uses them as prototypes to create heroes and skills. Players play against heroes and legends from different races in the Steam World mod apk.
-Mod Menu (Click Arrow on the Map)
Link Download:

Size: 269mb

MOBA Offline - Steam World Mod Gameplay

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See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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