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Light x Shadow: Anime MOBA Offline Mod Menu APK

Light x Shadow: Anime MOBA Offline Mod Menu APK - Review

Light x Shadow is in the same universe of the Beyblade game we have shared! The character from Spiral Warrior: Beyblade LET IT RIP!! Don't forget to check it!
Light x Shadow is a MOBA that, in addition to providing some incredible anime aesthetics, additionally brings a collection of special sport modes and different aspects to the table, including a contact of originality to this subgenre.

The game itself challenges you to take part in one of a kind sorts of occasions in opposition to different players, from the basic 5vs5 the place your mission is to manipulate the enemy’s base, to different greater odd modes the place 4 groups of three individuals have to face every different in an interesting warfare to see who receives to manipulate the principal region of the setting.

Light x Shadow is an anime character-themed MOBA with fantastic graphic quality compared to its competitors. Light x Shadow presents a 5 vs. 5 fight with three lanes. Not only there, the MOBA game also presents a brawl mode that will bring together 4 teams at once which is a 3-member team which means there will be a fight of 12 players in one arena, wow. The characters in this game are moved with analog controllers.

There are extra than 20 exceptional heroes that completely shatter the stereotypical pics of the Japanese manganime. The nice phase is that you can customise your heroes’ capabilities as nicely as their look. Also, you can hyperlink a pet (that’s linked to an element, sort of like Pokemon) to every of your heroes. 

The game itself is a direct adaptation of a Chinese manhua titled Light vs Shadow by Fantastic Woks whose drawings were done by Baitang Gao. This comic story itself was released last year and did get pretty good grades. Typical of Chinese manhua comics, Light vs Shadow presents an action-packed wuxia story. Featuring a strong story background, it also features strong diverse characters. Almost all of the characters that appear in the comics are adapted into playable characters in Light x Shadow. They also have the exact same ability! This makes fans of this comic even more curious about this MOBA game.

The first unique feature is the Switch Character system. Every 3 minutes, players can change other heroes that have not been used by your friends (but with this Light x Shadow mod menu, you can switch character everytime you want). When changing characters, the player will still have a level and use the same items as before. So you can reset, adjust to the build you want. This feature is very helpful to the team, because it could be a team that needs a special character who is able to become a tanker or need a healer.

Fairy is one of the pets that also greatly helps players in defeating their enemies. They have special abilities that can be used to help you in matches. And in this Light vs Shadow mod apk itself, you can use unlimited skills which also affect pet skills. There are various kinds of Fairy that you can use, either to defend yourself or help you such as giving damage or slow. They have different levels, the higher their level, then in a match they are able to evolve to be stronger.

The other features of Light x Shadow compared to other mobile versions of MOBA is in the given game mode. In addition to the Classic mode owned by other MOBAs, this game also presents a new mode called Brawl and Boss Fights. While you can play Classic 5vs5, you can also play Brawl. In this Brawl mode, players can play up to 12 players divided into 4 different teams. If you turn on the menu from Light x Shadow mod menu, you can win the game easily. Each team contains 3 players who will be tasked with finding the highest points to win the game.
-Offline Mode
-Mod Menu
Link Download:

Size: 290mb

How To Use Mod Menu:
-Click the + Maps
-Click around the area shown below
-The Menu will appear
-Since the game is in Chinese, here is the translation
-Now you can play Light vs Shadow Mod Menu and do anything you want

Light x Shadow: Anime MOBA Offline Mod Menu APK Gameplay

See ya next time and stay tune!
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