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Zero City MOD Apk (Damage/Defense Multiplier)

Zero City MOD Apk (Damage/Defense Multiplier) - Review

About Zero City

Zero City: Last Bunker is a play of survival and simulation that is offered by offers It has more than ten million downloads in the Play Store. Play Build your impregnable in the post -apocalyptic world full of zombies Protection, train your squad, kill the zombies and save humanity. It has powerful weapons, objects and 7 clear defense mechanisms with 3 different attributes To help you on your journey. Also check: Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Overview of Zero CityStoryde Military started a project that went wrong and the people transformed into transformed Zombies. The virus creates so many zombies and mutants. Mutants are Extremely strong and intelligent. There is a mutant that was the leader from zombies and leads them to defeat humanity. He is known as a master. He also ordered an attack on her shelter and used an artillery Missiles too. However, changed the goal to a laboratory in which Alice Wong is Research into a vaccine to heal the virus. Now you have to stand against them Zombies and save humanity. Defend the shelter from Zombie attacks. You will be set up with the structure of the Collect where you can create the combat to create the zombies. You Can equip the characters with weapons, armor, bracelets and other objects Increase your statistics. Build a dining room to produce food, a printing company to Earn cash and other rooms to maintain resources that are required to make many articles. There are 13 locations on the map, more than 15 levels each. Stronger Zombies that you encounter on higher levels. The animal shelter keeps the production room stopping, updating the rooms, creating new items & Weapons, you need resources such as food, reagents, cash, wood, chemical, Steel and uranium. To save these resources in Zero City, you also need one Separating bearings, vaults and refrigerators. Build a dining room to produce Food and a refrigerator to keep the food. You will earn money Pressure recording and in the vault cash is saved. The wood mill and foundry Create wood and steel that are needed to upgrade the rooms. You can work the survivors in these production rooms here, what Increases production. Training room Build the training rooms to train the survivors who increase their Skills. In the gym you can upgrade the residents to increase your Statistics and make them powerful. With higher levels you can equip weapons & Armor with a high level. In the kitchen upgrade of the culinary skills of the survivors This enables you to produce more food. There is also a accounting office, Experimental laboratory, carpenter workshop, smithy and test zone. All these Rooms upgrade the specific attribute of the residents.Game modesther is a campaign and a PvP mode. You can complete in campaign mode The levels at 13 locations. You will follow the history of the game End where you defeat and save the master, the leader of the zombies Humanity. In PvP mode you can compete against other players in the competition Arena. You will receive great rewards such as special items to create weapons and Mighty weapons at the end of the season. Mod version of Zero City The Mod version of Zero City has the following functions. these multipliers to increase their damage and defense to the x times (x = Entered value). Also check: dawn of zombies


-Zero City MOD Apk Download 1.47.2 (Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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