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Best Fiends MOD Apk (Unlimited Money)

Best Fiends MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) - Review

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Click here to continue the best fief. ". It has more than fifty million downloads in the Play Store. It has 50 Amazing Fiend characters, 12 special skills and more than 4000 challenging puzzles. Make chains with suitable parts, defeat And save the minutia. Also play: the overview of the martial cats on the The best Minutia is the home of Unhetz. Everyone lived in peace. But one Day a meteorite fell from the sky and hit the Mount Boom. It woke up Millions of snails. They took over the minutia and all conquered Tasser. You are the only one who is left against the snails, defeat You and free everyone, your friends. Gameplay stocks is a match-3 Puzzle game. In this game you will complete these goals in the levels Reach Mount Boom. In one level you have to make a chain of 3 or more Parts of the same color in each direction attack the snails. You can also Adjust the pieces in diagonal. The longer the chain, the more damage is Directed by the snail. It also invites the skills of the same colored performance. If you make a chain, you can have the total damage to the chain and how that The ability will charge a lot. You can also go backwards to cancel them chain And try another chain. Complete the goals to say goodbye to the level. At If you win the level, all unused movements are converted into meteorites And it gets three keys to open the boxes. You can get into the boxes Meteorites or a new devilish character. Amazing devilish characters who are 50 great fiend characters. These are divided into 5 categories: yellow, Red, blue, green and purple. You can take a full category in any category The levels. Each character has different statistics and special skills. You Can upgrade the error to increase your attack performance. At least 5 Levels, they develop and their area of ​​ability increases. You can also Switch off your styles. Equipment of the styles grants an increase in the Attack.special skillsfiends have special skills that convey a special one Piece on the board. You have to adjust the parts to recharge your skills. Some of the skills are the horizontal bomb, vertical bomb, block converter, Surface bomb, X-bomb etc. Block converters convert the surrounding pieces in their color. Horizontal bomb and vertical bomb destroy several pieces in their respective direction. X-bomb explodes and deletes parts in the Diagonal. These bombs move with their chain and explode in the last piece. You can develop the error to improve these skills.


- Download Best Fiends MOD Apk Download 12.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

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