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Alien Invasion MOD Apk (God Mode, Unlimited Money/XP)

Alien Invasion MOD Apk (God Mode, Unlimited Money/XP) - Review

About extraterrestrial invasion

alien invasion is an idle RPG game that is offered by Multicast games in which one Alien has penetrated into the earth. It looks the same as the alien looking from spiders With ten black tentacles from the Venom film. It doesn't know anything except food. His hunger is besides the world and no matter how much it is Food, it will look for more. And what does it eat? People. Yes, it eats People. However, you will not stop it. On the contrary, they will score as this extraterrestrial playing and as many people as possible to update it & develop it. Also check: Zombie was idle gyred people and improve the main strange goal, just to eat people, improve the extraterrestrial and enjoy it Game. You will walk around a lot of people on the map. Just pull yours Fingers to move your alien to people. As soon as the people are in the Alien range, it will automatically attack it with its tentacles, and Catch them after a certain time. You can catch a certain number of people. After that they have to go Your base to devour her. Then you can use this meat to improve them The attribute statistics of alien such as catching speed, capacity, catching Tentacle, speed of movement, fishing radius, HP etc. In later phases, different types of humans will produce the card. You receive Different types of DNA and eggs to devour them. When people catch It shows the amount of meat and type of resources that you get. Collect eggs to improve and develop your alient in black market from time to time, to fly people and people with blue pockets on their backs is spawn on the map. If you eat them, give your eggs. You can use the ... Eggs on Black Markay to improve the alien and unlock new attributes such as defense, human costs, slow effects on humans, etc. to complete a certain one The number of upgrades will develop the extraterrestrials and significantly increase it Ascribe and unlock new upgrades and skills. Buy Aliens to catch and deliver more people to reach Level 4. Catch the people from lower levels. So you can concentrate on the upper levels. And to remove the need to return to the base, delivery bots are also available. It automatically collects cargo from you, no matter how far They are and deliver it to the base. You can also build them up to increase Your catch speed, capacity and delivery speed. Build up the rocket and explore new biomesnots that receive sufficient resources in the current biome? Then build the rocket Fly to new biomes and devour new civilizations. You will find four modules the rocket. You have to create every module. Every module needs it some quests such as capturing satellites and completing collecting Blueprint. In addition, the end of each quest grants your XP. As soon as all modules are You can explore new biomes. Fight the bossesto that completes the module, you need blueprints from the astronauts. The Astronauts are chief characters with huge sizes, high HP and deal massive damage. Your speed of movement is also very high, so it is difficult Escape them when they initiate an attack. As soon as they land the Strike on you, you will return and not attack a few seconds. You can use it to your advantage. Turn them to the base by mocking them. Once They come close to the base, grasp some people and use them on the basis. It I will restore your HP and then you can devour the boss. Mod Features of Alien Invasion menu Mod Mod claim Bought no ad bought


-Alien Invasion MOD Apk Download 3.0.36 (God Mode, Unlimited Money/XP)

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