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Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK

Phantom Rose Scarlet is an awesome turn-based RPG that you will play by a card system. In this game, you control and play as a servant who has to duel with many phantoms to improve his skills. She did this while saving another maid who was in trouble.

In Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK, you will control Reina, a maid who has just died and is revived by a mysterious figure. Now your task is to explore the mansion full of monsters in search of your disappearing master.

Telling the story of a huge mansion belonging to a beautiful princess, the mansion has now been damaged by a group of evil creatures. The mansion was destroyed instantly without leaving anything, except for the corpses of the servants of the mansion. One of the princess's loyal servants was Reina.

In that mansion too, Reina lost her life thanks to damage by an evil creature. But who would have thought that Reina, who had been killed, was revived by one of the Fairy who didn't know where it came from.

The fairy resurrects Reina as she was before she died. He was resurrected by rewinding time on Reina to get Reina in her condition before dying. Reina awoke, finding herself without the slightest injury. Reina looked around the chaotic Mansion and went around the place to find other servants and find the master.

In this game, you will explore the huge mansion automatically. So in this game all you need to take care of is to arrange the card decks that you use to fight. 

Where is the roguelite element which means that the game can change continuously every time it is played? The roguelite element is from the card you get. 

Cards are obtained randomly from various events, ranging from buying cards from sellers who appear randomly, getting from mysterious rooms, and others. Not only that, even if you die, the card deck that you have arranged will disappear and you have to repeat from the 1st floor.

The battle in Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK is quite simple. The actions will be done in turn, but you have to compose the action at the beginning. In the middle of the screen, there are 4 squares that indicate the action sequence of the characters. 2 squares are already filled with enemy attacks, so now you have to strategize to use the right cards to attack the enemy while reducing the damage you receive.

After you use the card, you can't use it again until the cooldown is over. This makes you have to be very careful when strategizing because your attacking cards may run out.

There are 2 types of cards in Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK: Attack and Magic. As the name implies, attack cards are useful for attacking enemies. The cards are also quite varied, there are attack cards that get stronger every time they are used, become stronger when placed in slot 1 position, and others.

Meanwhile, Magic cards are more varied in content. Examples of cards are cards to restore your HP, cards to create barriers so that enemy attacks don't hurt so much, to buff cards and debuffs that can turn things around.

One of the most interesting points of phantom rose scarlet mod APK is its graphics. The graphic style presented offers a dark atmosphere with dark colors. But behind that, the picture still feels beautiful to look at. The musical atmosphere is the same, making the atmosphere even darker and quieter.

The first few levels in Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK are so easy that you can get used to how this game works without any trouble doing so. In addition, in these levels you can upgrade your deck of cards so that the choice of cards later during the war will be more diverse. Slowly, you'll earn items that will make you stronger, level up and, eventually, you can even unlock new servants that will help you fight against stronger phantoms.

Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK is a very entertaining card-based RPG with well-designed and captivating graphics. This game is perfect for those who like turn-based RPGs.

Phantom Rose Scarlet offers simple gameplay but is quite interesting to play. You have to turn your head enough to be able to find the right strategy. Unfortunately, random elements in getting cards and card systems cannot be used until the cooldown runs out, it seems to interfere with the synergy of your strategy. 
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 290mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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