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CN Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! Mod APK

CN Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! is a football game made for Android devices that was created by Cartoon Network. The game was released on August 24, 2016 but was removed from the app store at some point. Yet, you can still play it today by the link below.

The game is a crossover game between Amazing World of Gumball and several Cartoon Network shows including Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, We Bare Bears, OK KO! Let's be a hero, Clarence.

Choose your favorite character, from Adventure Time to World of Gumball, and start playing. Everyone wants to compete and win trophies. Choose your dream comic team and start kicking the ball.

Select 3 outsiders for each team. One of them becomes a superstar and has special moves. When the indicator is full, press and hold for larger movements, such as stronger shots or longer passes.

Create amazing combinations of attacks and strengthen your defenses. If you want to cheer until the end, you have to make the right passes, shots, and tackles. And there's a lot of power-ups you can get.

Deploy unique defensive sleds and special moves for each character. Combine passing, shooting, dribbling and tackling to create your own awesome soccer drama and win.

Kami Bare Bears' Grizz brings up the power-ups to recall every action with custom VO and change the course of the match.

Challenge your football skills against computers or in multiplayer matches against other players. Enjoy it compared to playing on the same device via Wi-Fi or online.

You can kick and pass with a joystick on the left and 2 buttons on the right. When the opposing team has the ball, the right button switches between the tackle and the player. They also use a thumbs up to think about Christiano or Messi because they are hungry to win and play hard.

Unlock Cartoon Network characters by winning matches and earning coins in programs like Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time or Regular Show. Wear a new hat, new glasses and make your character more honorable on the field. The app provides the original voice actors of the Cartoon Network show.

CN Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! is a fun soccer game where you can play as one of 16 other captains of your favorite Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa.
-Unlimited Money (Play Match 1x)
Link Download:

APK Size: 27mb
OBB Size:123mb (Extracted: 126mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.turner.superstarsoccer2" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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