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Violent Samurai (Crazy Samurai) Mod APK

Violent Samurai (Crazy Samurai) Mod APK - Review

Violent Samurai or Crazy Samurai is a physics-based ragdoll fighting android game. Control the samurai to eliminate all enemies in the arena. Each time you win, you can unlock new weapons and armor to increase your combat efficiency. It offers hundreds of crazy weapons for the samurai to use. Would you like to challenge yourself?

Crazy Samurai Mod APK is a crazy fighting game with unique but cool physics in a medieval style, where you can turn your opponents into a bloody chaos without limbs. The game involves fighting opponents of varying difficulty levels and gradually pumping your character until you become a true knight. 

Customize your character's appearance to start your journey. Choose your gender, nose shape, hairstyle, etc. In the first battle, there is a small shield and sword for weapons, and only a pants for clothes. 

If you win all the battles, you will be rewarded with prizes in the form of in-game currency. At the same time, the project focuses on ragdoll physics of the characters' movements, making the play more enjoyable.

Crazy Samurai Mod APK doesn't have a story, but the truth is that you have to take part in sword fights and defeat all your opponents. In addition to the sharp blades, it also has a wooden shield that can prevent enemy attacks. Management is very simple. 

You'll need to swipe and tap one side of the screen, so you can block and deliver sharp blows with a knife. At the top of the screen, you will see life indicators for the two characters. Do everything to lower your opponent's bar to 0 as soon as possible after the win.

Earn money in the battle of Crazy Samurai Mod APK to buy new weapons, shields and clothes. The use of each element of the wardrobe allows you to increase your characteristics and increase your mobility, viability and the likelihood of causing catastrophic damage. The game has interesting mechanics and battles. Stunning graphics and cute sound design add to the appeal of the app.

Learn how to fight with hundreds of different moves and practice unique attacks that will keep your opponents at bay for a long time. To win, destroy all power from them. Violent Samurai teaches players to never give up because there is always a way out.

We have the opportunity to win even in the most desperate situations. Only you have to defeat the toughest blow that is trying to take your life and actually achieve it with the help of blood and sweat. Get ready for the ultimate boss battle where you won't wait to get better in every battle and show your strength and might! Reverse the situation and win the battle with even the slightest life force.

A distinctive feature of the Crazy Samurai Mod APK game is the character control mechanism. In fact, the character of the movement resembles a doll in a string. This adds a bit of fun to the guide. Control the hero with the two fingers in charge of the right or left hand. Only then can you attack the enemy or stop the enemy's attack. The most important thing is to take the time to react in time.

Crazy Samurai Mod APK takes the player into the world of samurai fighting. You have to join the battle and win from there. To do this, use powerful melee weapons such as swords, swords, axes, and retreats.

Crazy Samurai is an action game about a fierce duel that you look at from the side. Create your own samurai and equip and fight in the arena for the title of the best fighter. That's ok. In the first level of the game, you can find the same variety pins. To overcome stronger opponents, you'll need upgraded equipment and weapons. To do this, you have to win the battle and earn money.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 53mb

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