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Thief: The Stray Cat Android Mod APK

Thief: The Stray Cat is a fun adventure project about a cat that participates in the activities of a professional thief. At the same time, he not only violates values, but also seeks to liberate his imprisoned family. 

Players travel the streets of the night, deftly sneak in between dangers, infiltrate protected dwellings, use their unique talents to discover hidden things, and rescue people in distress with amazing treasures. Excellent graphics, varied gameplay, original protagonists, numerous levels and many other aspects will captivate gamers.

Its cute face, shape and behavior make cats one of the favorite animals to keep. Cats are indeed the animals that interact most often with humans and are very easy to find in the human environment.

The cat that has the scientific name felis catus cat, is a carnivorous mammal of the family felidae, with retractable claws. This breed has both wild and domestic varieties. 

If you are familiar with cats, you must be aware of the fact that not all cats around the world have the same physical or behavioral features, they are also not similar to each other in every way.

Depending on their breed, our best friend may be of several types. Usually, the breed of cats determines their physical capacity, as well as their personality and preferences. As a cat owner, you should know the breeds of your cats, as this will give you a clear picture of their needs and ways of care, so that they can enjoy their lives with a long life.

Thief: The Stray Cat mod APK is a thief cat hunts for the wealth of its inhabitants in apartments that store gold, currency, carpets and even valuable artifacts! Your protagonist is a stray cat, so he has never had a special home and possessions. 

Help the cat quickly found the best way to get rich. It's about unlocking someone else's house, solving puzzles on the road, and adapting to things. All threats. Save the entire cat family and explore in detail all the locations where you will be.

When the night in the city of Baghdad deepens and the owner falls asleep, he goes out hunting. Professional cat thief! Clever and agile, he does not leave a trace, always cleaning the apartment of the victim up to the last penny.

See the world through the eyes of a wild cat and interact with your surroundings in the most whimsical way. Break into other people's homes, wander through basements and rooftops, solve the mysteries of this fairytale town, and defend yourself from the unexpected threat of being stealthy, agile, indiscriminate, and sometimes irritated when you meet them.

Thief: The Stray Cat is a top-down adventure game set in the streets of an eastern city and a wealthy apartment full of top-notch carpets and expensive artifacts. Help the stray cat find as much gold as possible and save the cat family.
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Size: 50mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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