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Sharkosaurus Rampage Mod APK

Sharkosaurus Rampage is a dynamic dinosaur game. You can enjoy it for free directly from your android devices. The game was programmed by GameTornado. Sharkosaurus Rampage is built with WebGL technology and runs smoothly in modern smartphones. Do you like this action game?

Dinosaurs have always been mysterious animals and the story of their extinction has always caught the attention of many. They are animals that symbolize the source of the great primordial power of organisms that were once the hegemony of the world. Once you understand that mindset, there are many dinosaur-inspired games and all the games on this topic are appreciated by many players.

The graphics in the Dinosaur Rampage are designed based on 2D, but they are also very good and sharp. Environment such as vehicles, tanks, boxes, people and bus are made simpified. However, the graphics are not very detailed, which helps the game increase fear and violence.

A secret underground lab is hidden in the middle of a California redwood. A mad scientist tries to clone a killer monster that combines the DNA of sharks and dinosaurs. As a Sharkosaurus, you have to escape from a secret laboratory and fight with a security service that works for a science company. 

As mentioned above, Sharkosaurus Rampage Mod APK is an action game themed around ancient dinosaurs. You will take part in survival battles in a modern simulation city where you attack people by piloting the giant tyrant dinosaur T-Rex. However, your main goal is not to eat people or destroy cities, but to be strong and big enough to defeat other bloodthirsty dinosaur enemies. No. Become a dinosaur. 1, stick to the survival game.

It could be that dinosaurs are just mythical creatures that once lived and lived in the world. Although many dinosaur bones have been found in various worlds, none of such a large creature still remains today. In fact, if you look at the bone skeleton, it could be that dinosaurs are the largest creatures in the world as well as the strongest. But why can't he escape the shock of natural disasters?

Finally, we wonder, does it really exist? Whatever the answer, playing a dinosaur-themed game can be fun. Where in the dinosaur game, we will take on the role of the largest and strongest creature in the world. We can prove that we are really very powerful.

But the reason Sharkosaurus Rampage Mod APK is a new form of action game is because the rules have changed a bit. The goal is to survive as dinosaur. If you get the highest score by the end of the game, you don't have to beat all the other enemies on the map. In fact, you can barely defeat all your enemies in battle. This helps the game to have a wide variety of gameplay. There are many ways to master the game and become a dinosaur champion.

You'll need to destroy more buildings and people to gain level-up experience points, which will help your dinosaurs evolve. When you reach the high level, you can eat the dinosaurs of the lower level.

But even larger dinosaurs can eat it. Therefore, choose your opponent wisely. You can find the enemies around you in the direction pointed by the triangular arrow. Thanks to that, you will also know the level of enemies you want to attack or escape.

In all matches, sometimes a meteorite falls from the sky. Humans, as well as dinosaurs, didn't like stones very much. Be careful, it will cause dinosaur extinction.

Nowadays, it's easy to find action dinosaur games for smartphones. But it's hard to find a new, addictive survival game that you can spend hours with. So let me suggest to you, it is the Sharkosaurus Rampage Mod APK.

Fight armored vehicles, military vehicles, jetpack friends, tanks, helicopters, ATVs, monster trucks, jet planes, and even giant dragon monsters. Smash cars, eat enemies, and destroy laboratory equipment to stop corporate DNA fraud. 

Eat a box of ammunition to mount a super laser gun. Various mechanisms are used to activate doors, elevators and stairs. Do you have the courage to escape, or do you remain in a sample container waiting for the next DNA test? If you choose a fight, good luck!
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Link Download:

Size: 64mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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