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Ocean - The Place in Your Heart Mod APK

Ocean - The Place in Your Heart is a game developed by Ligensoft that was previously released on June 14, 2022. Ocean is a simulation game with stunning graphics that can spoil the eyes of players. Not only that, but simple game mechanics are also offered in this game. Making it seem as if the developer of this game wants to realize the meaning of being moralized by playing games. 

If you are a fan of simple games and don't need more effort to play them, then you can play this idle game.

For those who don't know what an idle game is, the admin explains briefly first. So, idle games are a game genre that offers simple gameplay where the player's role is kept to a minimum.

Even so, it turns out that there are so many fans of this game genre. You must be one of them, right? Here is the New Game Review of the game Ocean - The Place in Your Heart Mod APK.

Ocean - The Place in Your Heart Mod APK provides an amazing graphical display. At first glance, the graphics of this game are almost similar to The Sky: Children of Light game. with its character almost resembling as well. 

However, what is different about this game is that the theme in this game is the environment of the ocean. thus, the appearance of the environment is a marine environment with coral reefs, corals, fish, water, and rocks.

The character designs, environments, and effects are well-crafted and provide a sense of relaxation when playing them. The plus is also because this game can automatically turn off its UI. So players can enjoy the passing of fishes and Luna in the ocean.

While the graphics are similar to the game Sky: Children of Light, the gameplay given is different from the game. 

Ocean - The Place in Your Heart Mod APK provides simulation gameplay with idle mechanics. Where players will decorate the ocean with fish and corals. The Idle mechanism can be seen from the acquisition of the main energy which will increase every second. The player's task is to upgrade Luna and Coral to increase the amount obtained every second.

The player also able to move his main character/Luna. Although, players can also order Luna to interact with other fish. Also players are asked to fill the ocean with fish that can be produced through the energy.

One of the unique features of this game is that there is a screenshot option that players can customize. Indeed, features like this are right to have for games that have stunning graphics. 

Players can edit the appearance of the screenshot such as blur options, monochrome, or neon line-style filters. And players can also adjust the camera position or the distance of the camera to the object captured.

Because this game uses idle game mechanics. Players only need to upgrade/upgrade Luna and Coral, as well as acquire various fish. So, players only need to press and press. It's quite simple that makes this game suitable to be juxtaposed with one of the benefits that this game produces, which is to relax.

So thats it, and how?  Do you interested in trying this game with stunning graphics. Just a suggestion, anyway. It's better for you to try and taste the game.

Ocean - The Place in Your Heart provides a game that is able to relax players with stunning graphics and a simple game to enjoy, but there are a few other things that friends need to know, apart from the graphics, gameplay, and controls, which is that this game is playable offline.
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Size: 87mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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