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STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod APK

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run is a game where tons of levels and obstacles await you! Go the path of a true champion in this epic Battle Royale Run Race! Crazy traps, serious enemies, and even the general laws of physics get in the way!

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod APK is a race between hamsters. A hamster is a cute, clean little velvet mouse raised as a pet. So many kinds of hamsters you can pick and played.

They have different colors and shapes. With vivid 3D graphics, hamster designs are preferred for their cute and colorful looks. Players can choose their favorite hamster. You can select a predefined mouse model from the system.

However, players can also completely design the desired mouse model after removing the default selection. You can choose the color, texture, expression and action for your little mouse. So you can see a variety of hamsters on the track.

Different mice have different beauty. Sometimes you might discover your design and color mixing skills in your appearance. Unleash your creativity and personalize your adorable hamster!

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod APK is a fun arena between hamsters. They gather at the starting line and when the screen says "Come on" they start running. Initially, the number of rats was very large, and they were all put in one cupboard. After that, many types fall and run. Running speed is automatically set by the system for each hamster and all you need to do is adjust the direction. Players use hand gestures on the screen to move the mouse left or right to move it as desired.

There are always a lot of obstacles and challenges on the track. Dropping a huge ball or suddenly appearing in a large hole is a natural and frequent occurrence. Every time such a challenge arose, a large number of rats were killed or excluded from the race. The player's task is to overcome them, avoid physical collisions and run to the finish line.

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod APK has many levels that players can conquer. Players must try to survive among nearly half the hamsters in each level. The difficulty level changes in each level. The higher the new level, the faster you will move, and the more difficult, fast, and unpredictable the challenges will be. The levels have separate graphic design and interesting levels.

You have to be the last survivor in the last level and you have to run to the finish line first to win. The 3-D space set up in the game allows players to have a more realistic experience while playing the game. So, try to make smart moves along with a strategy to get rid of your opponent.

Be the best winner! Complete obstacles faster than your competitors and reach the end of this crazy arena full of racing fun! Each round is unique and the new challenges are more difficult than ever! Challenge yourself to the speedrun and don't fall!

Use all your skills to win! Upgrade them and win crazy elimination races! The game consists of several rounds, each of which is a race on a dangerous track where you have to avoid various traps and beat other hamsters!

Naturally, players will receive attractive prizes after winning each level. The prize money will change according to the ranking and score. Rewards are items that are useful for changing the appearance of the hamster or protecting you from the track. The higher the rank, the greater the reward. If you become the sole winner of the final round, you will receive a unique prestigious badge. Become the best player in this game!

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod APK is one of the best fun games that many players love. Players take part in adorable hamster races. Flexible hand movements and skillful control techniques should help hamsters overcome and complete challenges quickly. Exciting for everyone, the unique features of the game are the constant movement of the little mouse and the complex and unpredictable challenges. Will your hamster be the last hamster? You will decide the answer!
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Size: 83mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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