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Solar Smash 2D Mod Menu APK

Do you still remember Solar Smash? In the game, we can see for ourselves the destruction of the earth from outside factors, such as the fall of meteors to fighter planes, with of course resulting in spectacular destruction of the earth. Well, the developer of the game, Paradyme games, now presents a spin off of the Solar Smash game, which is titled Solar Smash 2D.

Solar Smash 2D Mod APK is a game about the destruction of many planets in outer space, including the Earth inhabited by humans so far. 

The content of Solar Smash 2D Mod APK Focuses on providing players with a variety of weapons or means of destruction to make the planet more indestructible. They can also see the Earth freely from different angles and begin destroying any area to start the day of tribulation. The effects and destructiveness of each weapon are varied and rich, allowing the player to be immersed in many exciting activities.

Solar Smash 2D Mod Menu APK still has the same theme, which is the destruction of planets in the galaxy, but with a somewhat different spin off, because now players are given a unique technology with a fun destruction mechanism. Even if you want, players can also create their own planets, you know!

At the beginning of the game, players will be given a playground, aka a galaxy to destroy. There are several planets in it that can be destroyed using four categories, namely fighters, cosmics, missiles, and gamepads. Each category is further divided with several selected fruits, such as four fighter planes, three missiles, to a space monster. Use all these "toys" to freely destroy the planets in the galaxy.

Uniquely Solar Smash 2D is the player's ability to take control of a fighter plane roaming the game field. Players can take over by tapping them on the screen, then the player will be given control in the form of a virtual analog to control the plane and a firing button to destroy the target.

With the player's ability to spawn fighter planes in a crowded manner and determine which enemy is a friend, this means that if you want to create a crowded and riotous space battle scenario, it can be fully realized!

With so many moving elements on the screen and spectacular planet destruction, moreover, the fragments of the planet can also move on their own, it's no wonder that this game requires a smart phone with a capable processor. 

Moreover, because of the effects full of epic animations, it is guaranteed to make the game's movements slow. But don't worry, because if needed, players can reduce the quality of the graphics to make it lighter and can run more smoothly.

The most notable features are the realism of the graphics and the destructive effects of the weapon within the reach of the player. The game also uses the most advanced engine to bring everything to life, allowing players to have the best experience of all time, destroying the planet through different styles. What's more, the graphics are easy to see, with all the necessary control mechanisms to make it feel familiar to everyone.

Solar Smash 2D Mod Menu APK is a free-to-play game that is supported with an ad display. To get rid of these ads, players can play it by the link below. But since the game itself does not need to be online, then advertising can be mitigated by playing it without an Internet connection.

Solar Smash 2D Mod APK can be called a game, it can also be called a toy software aka toy. This is due to the sandbox nature of the game, so players are very free to do anything in it, including creating their own planets to creating galaxy wars. If you like earth destruction in Solar Smash, make sure you try Solar Smash 2D!

In Solar Smash 2D Mod Menu APK, depending on the player's progress in destroying the Earth, you can gradually unlock more weapons or new features to speed up your destruction. 

People can combine weapons to create powerful combos to destroy giants and many other things to keep everyone entertained. Many new weapons sometimes appear randomly depending on the player's choice, and they all have unique and new effects.

In addition to destroying, players can also enjoy many new ideas by building or creating new planets. They can change the shape, color, and face of the planets to different styles or environments from other planets in the solar system. Created or destroyed planets automatically save the player's progress with proud achievements that have destroyed everything.

This game is very effective in relieving stress or unlocking new potential in the player's entertainment as the player creates a variety of weapons or destroys the planet through various methods.

Players can make destruction from various kinds of planets such as Earth, Venus, Mars, to several mysterious planets such as Hades or planets created by players themselves. The depiction of destruction shown in Solar Smash is really realistic and looks scary, for example a missile weapon that will create a vast crater on the earth's surface, to the damage to the planet due to being hit by another planet. That's a really realistic game that shows a planet that dies because it was blown to pieces.

There are various things in the galaxy that can devastate a planet, including a chunk of meteors that can be dropped on a target planet, a black hole, and even a planet. In this category, players have access to various types of missiles, laser weapons, to nuclear weapons that are quite fatal.

Solar Smash 2 offers comfortable gameplay for everyone, while at the same time the content is simple, familiar and has a lot of entertainment potential. In this game, players have to use everything to destroy the planets of the Solar System and create the most creative and fun combinations.
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-Add Radius (On/Off)
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Size: 98mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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