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Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK

Nexomon: Extinction is an adventure game like in the famous Pokemon game, you will become a Tamer from various monsters or Nexomon with 9 different elements around the world. The return to the classic monster capture game, complete with a new story, eccentric characters, and over 300 unique Nexomon to trap and tame. The world is on the verge of extinction as the mighty Tyrant Nexomon fights for control of humans and monsters.

For those of you Pokemon fans, there is a clone game, which will certainly be able to treat your longing to play Pokemon games. This clone game is called Nexomon: Extinction, Mod APK actually Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK cannot be called a Pokemon clone because, from the same story, the monster design is much different but, many elements are the same as pokemon games.

What makes Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK the best Pokemon clone game, is the game play itself. Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK is ingenious by turning all the shortcomings of the Pokemon game into its selling point. Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK itself is a game version for Nintendo switch for steam and android has its own version.

As a game similar to Pokemon, Nexomon: Extinction was previously released for PC and consoles. Players can go on adventures and collect more than 300 unique and trainable types of Nexomon.

Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK provides a new storyline and new characters that exist in the world of Nexomon. Players go on an adventure to save the world from the destruction of nature caused by tyrant Nexomon's fight.

There are 381 Nexomon that can be collected in this game from 9 different elements with a cool evolutionary form of change. The battles in this game use the Turn-based Combat system and each battle location will affect the Nexomon used. Fire-type Nexomon will be weak to fight in snowy arenas, and vice versa.

Nexomon: Extinction is a game developed by VEWO INTERACTIVE INC. Inspired by monster capture games such as Pokemon, this game managed to achieve success on PC, Console, and Switch platforms last year, and is rumored to have been released on Android and iOS for mobile game players.

Nexomon: Extinction itself is a sequel to the original Game Nexomon which is an alternative to the famous Pokemon game. This game presents an original story, with a variety of eccentric characters. Players can capture more than 380 monsters named Nexomon that you can train.

Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK presents a new story line, where a Nexomon is struggling to dominate the world as a whole. And just like other games in general, you will struggle to prevent this. Visit the Tamer Guild, Train your Nexomon, and save the world from disturbing evil. 

Nexomon consists of the same 9 elementals as the Pokemon game, having their own Advantages and Weaknesses. The gameplay of Nexomon: Extincition itself is the same as pokemon games in general, namely Turnbased where players will take turns in commanding your Nexomon to attack the enemy Nexomon.

Broadly speaking, Nexomon: Extinction is not much different from Pokemon, you will be treated to a monter tame RPG where the hero will go on an adventure while watching and envolve all the nexomon. What's different is, the storyline where in the world of Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK, you are the incarnation of the god Nexomon who is smuggled into human form, not to mention that the storyline is really much peppered with comedic elements.

We will be treated to a world that is more diverse and colorful than the Pokemon world, from the under world to the avatar world with the flying island is there and delicious, we can warp or immediately move around quickly without having to, walk or use HM fly.

The gameplay is almost the same but, it's not similar to there are various types of Nexomon but their elements are not as easy as in Pokemon, there are hidden abilities and special abilities and even cosmic nexomon or shiny versions. Pokeballs are replaced by Nexotrap and Nexomon Extinction, having the advantage of being able to give up to five support items that can affect the stat.  

If in Pokemon battles with trainers cannot be repeated, while in Nexomon the trainers you encounter along the way will be able to battle again and uniquely the Nexomon they use are at different levels. This is also true when you visit all nexomon, the same area will have different nexomon nampilins, according to the time and day. So it won't be too difficult to hunt for the nexomon you want.

Nexomon is divided into various types, such as rare, mega rare, common, uncommon and legendary, each of which has a different initial status. But, it's not like Nexomon can be easily defeated with a mega rare Nexomon. The calculation of battle stat is more complicated than Pokemon.

In terms of graphics, Nexomon Extinction is on the same level as Pokemon games in console. Unfortunately, The biggest shortcoming of Nexomon: Extinction Mod APK lies in the design of the monster itself. I don't think the design of Nexomon: Extinction is clear, between wanting Pokemon or Digimon? There are so many Nexomon that look like they are forced and too rame.

Nexomon Extinction is a game that could be a solace when waiting for the Pokemon game to come out in the middle of this year and if you don't have a Nintendo Switch, you can still play on steam and android, there are some Nexomon that are specifically for Android only, so play it now!
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Size: 1.34gb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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