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Grand Theft Auto IV Mobile by Maksel 47 APK

GTA IV or Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile is a game that tells the story of a Bosnian war veteran named Niko Bellic, who tries to chase the betrayal of his military unit and avoid being chased by mafia and loan shark bosses.

Set in Liberty City, a fictional city inspired by New York City with three main islands. The entire island is the main place to complete exciting mission sharing. Players can explore every corner of the city including swimming in the waters that separate each island. You can give your own rating by downloading GTA 4 Android.

GTA IV Mobile APK is an Open World game released by the leading video game company Rockstar, for PS3, XBox, and Microsoft Windows consoles, and has a large size so it is not suitable to be played with low specifications. For those of you who want to try GTA 4, but don't have a PC with qualified specifications, you can download GTA 4 Mobile APK Android.

Rockstar Games is indeed one of the developers who has never been half-hearted in making a project including Grand Theft Auto. Yes, since the name of this franchise skyrocketed through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar has continuously explored what is in this franchise until finally in 2008, they spawned Grand Theft Auto IV.

11 years later, thosez who had never finished this game at all, was then tickled to play it back from scratch. Yes, we only know Grand Theft Auto IV via PC. In the past, to play Grand Theft Auto IV required qualified specifications because of the imperfect port so grand theft Auto IV became a game that was not friendly to specifications. But not with GTA IV Android APK, it is very friendly with low spec android.

But before you download GTA 4 Android, please note that this game is a Fan Made game, or a game made by GTA 4 fans. So you will find many differences compared to the original game.

On the other hand, because this game is a Fan Made game, you can play this game on your phone easily, also it doesn't require high specifications.

The graphics presented after you download GTA 4 Android, can be said to be very good for the class of games by fans. Featuring quite interesting images from realistic clouds, blue waters accompanied by minimalist waves, to bordered streets that display their own details.

Because this game is Fan Made, so don't be surprised because after you download GTA 4 for Android, you don't find "wide" gameplay. There is only one gameplay, namely exploring and exploring the vast open world map.

When you are on the edge of the water you can see that there is a city on the opposite side that is bounded by water. You can swim in those waters but you won't get to the opposite city because the available city is only a background. When you swim you will also find bugs, in the form of which your character will walk at the bottom of the water, instead of doing swimming movements. Bugs are not permanent so you can still see the animation of the characters doing swimming moves.

This game is not suitable for those of you who are looking for excitement in video game games. This game is more suitable for your younger brother, so that you can play the game and develop their imagination.

The character is indeed made as similar as possible to the original character in the console version of the GTA 4 game, Niko Bellic. But because this game is just Fan Made, don't expect more. The character's movements are already very smooth, you can also beat up the NPCs around, but the targeting will be very messy.

NPC characters are certainly also presented like games in general. To enliven suaana in the game, but in fact, the number of NPCs that appear is very limited in number, and it seems that it can be counted on the fingers. Just like the main character targeting NPCs when replying to attacks from players is also a mess.

GTA 4 Android or Grand Theft Auto IV Mobile is not a perfect game, but one thing that is certain is that this game is a game by GTA 4 fans, so we still have to appreciate his work because making something like Fan Made Game is very difficult, various kinds of coding, and the appearance that is made takes a lot of time. If you want exciting gameplay and cool graphics, of course, you also need effort or effort by buying the original version of the game.
-Weather System
-Realistic Reflection & Shadow
-HD Graphics
-Added Car
-Liberty City Maps
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 629mb

Credit: Maksel 47

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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