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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime - Offline VIP & Full Mod APK

Gangstar's latest series entitled Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime strives to take this game to the next level with better graphics, more gameplay variations and also a 9x larger map. But does this work or is this just a just a just bigger Gangstar series?

Gangstar is a game that is indeed very inspired by Grand Theft Auto, it is no longer a secret. But if Gameloft does it better than the original game then who can protest.

As one of the up-and-coming MMA fighters, you have made the fatal mistake of agreeing with the mafia to pretend to lose the next fight. Accidentally defeat the fighter, be you slandered by the mafia and hunted down by everyone, both the mafia and the authorities. 

Do whatever you need in this city of Las Vegas fortune to clear your name! That's the background of the game called Gangstar Vegas Offline Mod APK, presented by Gameloft

You will play as Jason, a street fighter who should have lost a certain round but accidentally won. Your boss, Frank, is furious and wants your life as a fee. You run away and eventually meet Vera, a woman who promises to help from Frank's pursuit but in exchange you have to do some things for her.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK is still the same as its predecessor and also the GTA series. You are free to travel around the city to complete missions/side challenges or you can also take part in the main quest which is full of stories. Gangstar Vegas Offline Mapproach is much more casual than GTA.

For example you don't have to drive to the quest place to start it, you can tap the quest on the map and then you will automatically start the quest. For us this is an interesting thing, sometimes I really want to walk around but there are times when we are lazy and keep in mind the Gangstar Vegas Mod APK map is big enough that this feature is very useful.

The quests we have to go through are quite diverse, ranging from fighting in a fighting arena, to stealing a helicopter and landing it on a roof of a skyscraper. Gangstar Vegas Offline Mod APK is a big game, so don't be afraid about the number and variety of quests you can take. As an illustration, we have played for about hours and it is noted that we have only completed 50% of this game.

Gameloft is known for their games that are similar to famous games, let's call it Modern Combat which is similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Gangstar Vegas is Gameloft's version of the famous game Grand Theft Auto. 

Players are free to roam the city of Las Vegas doing anything, in this cool packaging, be it exploring the city, doing stunts, becoming a sniper, even hunting zombies. That is the premise promised by Gangstar Vegas Offline APK.

To control your character, Gangstar Vegas Mod APK uses a virtual gamepad system. On the lower left there is a virtual analog to move the character, while on the bottom right there are context buttons such as running, shooting, riding a car, and so on.

The controlling in the car is somewhat different, since the virtual analog turns into the left and right buttons, while in the lower right part it turns into a gas button and a brake button.

Players are given the freedom to roam the city of Las Vegas as they see fit, even if they want to make noise such as shooting at residents, stealing cars, and so on, this is also allowed. Of course, there will be police chasing you because they are law enforcement who will not stand still if there are people who commit crimes in the city. Of course, players can also relax while playing gambling in a casino, because this is indeed a lucky city, Las Vegas!

In addition to making trouble, players can also take part in the main mission of Gangstar Vegas, which is your story in the city of Las Vegas in 80 unique missions. Various variants of missions adorn the main game, ranging from gunfights, car chases, MMA battles, to racing missions.

Unlike console games, Gangstar Vegas takes full advantage of the ease of transactions in its games.

If players need weapons and various equipment in Gangstar Vegas Offline Mod APK, just touch the weapon icon in the upper right corner, and the game will take you directly to a store menu. In this menu, there are various things that you can buy, ranging from firearms, melee weapons, health packs, various costumes, to vehicles are also sold here.

When creating their games, Gameloft was not half-hearted in terms of graphics. Gangstar Vegas Mod APK appears in 3D with charming HAVOK engine graphics. The story in the game is presented in a variety of cool cutscenes, complete with competent voice acting and a radio station to listen to songs while driving

Like some Gangstar games from Gameloft before, Gangstar Vegas Offline Mod APK is also presented free-to-play. But to be able to play this game, players doesnt need to have Internet connection. This game is really like a console AAA game, does not use a stamina system, is also free to play without any restrictions.

The quality of the game made by Gameloft deserves thumbs up. Gangstar Vegas is very smooth to play, the controls are not rigid, and most importantly, the shooting in this game is very fun with the help of auto-aim. With the main story like a blockbuster movie, Gangstar Vegas is an action adventure game worth trying.
-Unlimited Money & Diamond
-Unlimited SP & Keys
-All Unlocked
-Unlocked VIP 10
-Game Progress 50%
Link Download:

APK Size: 51mb
OBB Size: 2gb (Extracted: 2.31gb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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