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Delivery Food Sim - Japan Osaka Mod APK

Have you wanted to go abroad recently? Ot do you want to travel to Osaka, Japan now? Want to experience life in Osaka? Then you can do it now by playing Delivery Food Sim - Japan Osaka!

A rather unique simulator in which the player moves to Osaka to try himself as a food delivery man. The big city is never quiet and the characters are waiting for a lot of work.

You can go directly on two legs or use a bicycle to travel long distances. We like the scale of the map and the fact that you can explore parts of the map in free mode. 

The changing weather system, hidden secrets, so many of item collections, gradual development, amazing beautiful graphics, random event mechanism, etc. will absolutely fun to everyone who loves the unusual and unique games.

This simulator game itself is a game that is quite a lot of fans. This is indeed natural considering that this simulator game has its own excitement, especially if the game is equipped with a long roadmap.

The excitement in playing this simulator game itself is very real, as evidenced by the large number of downloads that have reached more than tens of millions of times, and it is only on one platform, namely the Google Play Store.

Well, maybe during this time you have been playing online simulator games more often. In fact, there are also simulator games that you can play offline, that way your internet usage will be more efficient. Delivery Food Sim - Japan Osaka itself is the best offline simulator game you can play right now.

Osaka is a cosmopolitan city near the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. Osaka is known for its vibrant eating and drinking culture, and its friendly citizens. 

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and is a fairly lively tourist area. As the prefecture capital of Osaka and japan's third-largest city with a population of 2.7 million, Osaka is located in the Kansai region of Japan's largest island, Honshu, which is at the front of the Yodo river located in there. Osaka is known as japan's Manchester.

In this arcade action game, you can explore the new 2022 game and ride a bike around the world. Become a world-famous food delivery man in the open world!

Osaka is Japan's third-largest city, with a population of 2.5 million in its metropolitan area. Osaka is the center of a metropolis in the Kansai region and is the largest of the trio of Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto.

Due to its strategic location at the meeting point of the bustling river and sea routes, Osaka has naturally developed into a rapidly advancing economic center and become the entrance to Japan for travelers and traders from all over Asia and even the World.

Osaka is renowned for its own culture and shades. Folk art is mushrooming in Osaka, as are traditional performing arts, such as Joruri puppet theater, Noh Theater, and Osaka's own kabuki theater. Osaka is the birthplace of Bunraku which is the ancient art of Japanese puppet theater.

You can play as a taxi driver, bicycle delivery man, restaurant delivery driver, hotel delivery driver, delivery truck driver or you can become a delivery truck driver. Your mission is to deliver food to your customers in various stores. Deliver food and make the best delivery.

Osaka is known for its vast underground shopping malls, delicious and diverse cuisine, and friendly citizens. Osaka residents are indeed famous throughout Japan for their hospitality.

Delivery Food Sim - Japan Osaka is the world's first open world bike game. Enjoy the real life of your delivery driver and accept the challenge! Get out of the car, ride your bike, control the police officers, and have fun!
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 400mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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