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Naruto Senki: Mod ML + GTA SA by Yahu Gamerz APK

What happen when the popular game, Naruto Senki, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and GTA SA combined into one game? Then this weird mod of Naruto Senki is born.

Naruto is an anime that obviously has a very significant influence on the international gaming world. This can be seen from the many games that take the theme of naruto anime. One of the games that takes this theme is Naruto Senki Mod APK.

Naruto Senki mod apk is a movile game that you can play on your smartphone devices. This game is not heavy and in fact is very light, so you can still play it comfortably even if you had low-spec android.

Meanwhile, Mobile Legends is a popular online game developed and released by Moontoon, but don't worry because its Mobile Legends offline apk in this version. You can play this game in either Android or iOS smartphones. Since 2016, this MOBA game has successfully stolen the attention of many gamers.

In order to play, this game is played by 10 people which will be divided into 2 teams. The game will start with each player choosing 1 heroes that player able to use. Available heroes are the heroes that player had been bought or the free trial heroes given by the game. In other words, you can't play all the heroes if you didn't have it. The game is being play for about 15 minutes.

The main mission or goal of this Mobile Legends game is to be able destroy the opponent's base. In the game, you will met with three main lanes in the map, which is middle, top, and the bottom lane.

Each of the lane is being guarded by Turrets that will automatically attack the enemy on sight. Each of the lane also has a thing called 'barrack' building. If this barrack destroyed, the enemy will be stronger.

If all of the 'barracks' are being destroyed, then the supper minion will spawn which is the more stronger version that the normal minion.

Outside of the lane of each team, player will also have a jungle which containing jungle creep. It will buff the unit that defeats the creep. The game ends when the base of one of the teams is destroyed. The gameplay is almost identical as the Naruto Senki aswell.

CJ is one of GTA's all-time favorite characters. Even more exciting, this time CJ (whose full name is Carl Johnson) will go on an adventure in the state of San Andreas through your Android gadgets!

This game continues the success of GTA III and GTA Vice City which were both ported from the PS2 console which in its time this game was very booming and almost in every PS2 rental at that time there were always those who played GTA: SA so that it made me shake my head.

In this game set in 1992, you will play as CJ who is forced to return home to San Andreas because his mother died because he was shot by a gang called Ballas. That's where your adventure really begins because you want to avenge your mother's death with the help of The Groove gang while dealing with corrupt cops who always want to blackmail you.

In achieving your goals, you will play with sandbox gameplay along with missions related to a very awesome storyline (almost all GTA games have awesome stories).

What you can do in sandbox mode from unimportant things to even important things, for example, stealing a car to just walk around in the middle of the city, beating pedestrians to fainting for money, becoming a taxi driver, going out, doing fitness so that your body is more burly + high-amine, becoming a thief, doing gangs wars activities to expand your territory,  Dst.

In this Naruto Senki Mod Mobile Legends + GTA SA, you will be able to play as Carl Johnson (CJ) and fight agaisnt the heroes of Mobile Legends. This game is weird but also fun to play in your meantime.
-Mobile Legends Characters
-GTA SA (Carl Johnson) Character
-GTA SA Menu Style
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 92mb

Credit: Yahu Gamerz

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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