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L.A Crimewave (NFT Wars: Polygon Gangsters) - GTA SA x Minecraft APK

NFT Wars: Polygon Gangster is a game that combines action and shooting that tells the story of the life of a gangster in a Polygon Gangster slum. You will be the leader of the Northern Family Thugs gang, a gang that is always trying to fight crime and the city's mafia gangs.

Choose your favorite weapon and challenge the mafia gang to increase their influence in the city. Always be prepared for your posture, as all dangers lurk anytime, anywhere, and engagement can occur at any time. This game is suitable for players who love the series action games.

Recently, they released a distinctive game similar to Minecraft but with GTA style. Named after NFT Wars: Polygon Gangster, this is an action game that has just arrived for your smartphones.

As in GTA, danger lurks on every corner of the city and there are street fights and clashes at any time of the day. There are many fun and challenging criminal gang missions for players to do.

This is another nft game that allows players to use tricks. They can learn special tricks to get an advantage the cheats allow them to collect an arsenal of weapons and win the matches.

It's the best game about life in the ghetto, with a great sense of realism. The creators conveyed the spirit of street warfare and the culture of real gangsters. Meet the block role-playing game simulator of NFT's Grand Open World with gangsters and cops. It's a cool shooting game where you are the leader of the Northern Family Thugs gang. Create a mafia and take control of the city in NFT Wars: Polygon Gangster Shooter, the best action shooter of 2022.

The game combines brutal gunfights and robbery. On payday you can make armed raids in the best traditions of hacking vaults and ATMs.

Choose your favorite weapon and start a crime war, fight criminal gangs, take control of the streets to increase your influence. Enjoy this awesome 3D action shooter with gangsters, cops, and epic open-world shootouts.

This is an adventure in the RPG genre where danger lurks in every corner, street fights and confrontations at any time of the day. Each season and update has additional work and temporary promotions. Use a huge arsenal. Each street captured allows more NFT Mafia members to protect their territory and destroy enemies.

You are a real urban gangster who will be the king of the slums. Upgrade your heroes because the strongest survive on the streets. Use all means to win the gang war and occupy the territory. This NFT game will not make you indifferent. Become the head of the NFT Mafia!

NFT games are not replicas of the legendary Grand Auto Shooter. This simulator has its own story. There are many unique mechanics and behaviors that you won't find in other games.

Dear gamers! The creator are constantly working on NFT games, creating new content, improving the graphics, and optimizing them! Play NFT Wars: Polygon Gangster Shooter for free and show the world who's in charge here!

Only the strongest survive in the ghetto. Meet Street Gangster Simulator The developers have created a unique atmosphere of gang warfare and bloody street warfare. Check out this year's popular role-playing game LA Crimewave: An online RPG with a huge open world that is constantly evolving and with regular content additions.

It's the best shooting game to create your own gang and make an impact in LA. You will face another gang, the police. A delay of 1 second is worth your life. LA Crimewave is the best action shooter of this year from a 3rd person perspective.

Customize your character's appearance, choose the weapon you want, tune your car, build awesome gangster tracks, and start a crime war. The law of distance is simple. "If you want to get something, you have to take it yourself. Because no one will try for you." This game, with its philosophy and original style, will not make you indifferent. Real gangsters, epic shootouts in the open world - thanks to this awesome action game.

Regular updates, themed events, and an active community are the building blocks of a successful RPG. In L.A., street fights and confrontations take place at any time of the day. Always have your gun ready. Upgrade your gang members and give everyone a weapon. Each fighter is important in street warfare. If you are weak, it will simply be destroyed. This is a simulator of life without compromise.

Win the gang wars and occupy new territories by any means. LA Crimewave is going to be your favorite game.

The game combines many modes: you will take part in territorial occupation, tough deathmatches, bold robberies and many exciting quests. This games have never been so exciting. From a simple street hooligan to a legend in the criminal world, you'll have to build a dizzying career. Thousands of players in multiplayer will fight in the streets of this city and there will be no mercy.

L.A Crimewave or NFT Wars: Polygon Gangster is an unique game style-life in the ghetto has never been shown so realistically. Amazing music, beautiful HD graphics in blocks, unique gameplay make this action person shooter one of the best in the genre.
-Detailed City
-Unique Game Style
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 675mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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