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Jurassic Spinosaurus APK

Jurassic Spinosaurus is about a dino that are abandoned on a mysterious island full of giant dinosaurs. You will die of hunger and cold, so get up to survive in the Jurassic Spinosaurus game. You will be able to collect exciting dinosaurs such as Spinosaurus or Stegosaurus.

Unique theme for game in android is dinosaurs android game. Dinosaurs themselves are a group of ancient animals that first appeared about hundreds of millions of years ago. Even so, many fossils have been discovered and researched by scientists.

After many studies, dinosaurs are often re-depicted in a movie or game. And Jurassic Spinosaurus is the dinosaurs game you need to play.

When you hear the word dinosaurs, maybe you will imagine terrible big animals such as t-rex, velociraptor, and many more. But you know, it turns out that there used to live a carnivore that was the largest size on earth, namely spinosaurus.

Unlike most dinosaurs, Spinosaurus seems to like water. The conjecture is based on an analysis of spinosaurus aegyptiacus tailbone fossils published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

Spinosaurus is a unique group of large-bodied theropods that in their history are interpreted to live on coastal lands and feed on fish in shallow waters. River Monster, as scientists dubbed the longest dinosaur in this group of meat-eaters.

Larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex and Gigantosaurus, the Spinosarus is estimated to be 15 meters long and weighs seven tons. This breed lived in the Cretaceous period, between 145.5 and 65.5 million years ago, or the late Mesozoic period--following later the Jurassic period marked by the extinction of dinosaurs (except bird species).

Just changing the color or adding new features is enough to make you feel the uniqueness of a dinosaur. They seem to be very competitive with each other and you have to control the dinosaurs to beat the other dinosaurs.

It is called that spinosaurus is the largest predator that has ever lived on earth. Its size is even 3 times longer than that of Tyrannosaurus rex, the type of dinosaur known for being the most ferocious.

one of the main features of spinosaurus is the presence of wide and long spines on its back. Because it can change color like chameleon skin, this back thorn is thought to serve to attract a partner.  In addition, scientists also suspect that these spines are useful for storing fat and regulating body temperature by absorbing heat.

Spinosaurus was the first type of dinosaur known to be adaptable in the aquatic environment. In fact, this animal is touted as an aquatic dinosaur that spends most of its time in the water.

Players have the right to choose any dinosaur and proceed with a simple upgrade after selection. It's also an interesting point to boost and give it solid power without losing its pure character.

It is also helpful to have the dinosaurs gradually adapt to their natural environment and get along with other dinosaurs. However, no dinosaur is the same as other dinosaurs, so choosing a mate can also help.

Once you've integrated into your environment and gradually adapted to your unique survival skills, you'll have to fight other dinosaurs as well. This will increase the strength of the dinosaurs and see which dinosaurs are in a higher position. Battles are massive, and you have to control yourself uniquely. Moving to new areas and attacking other dinosaurs to gain great power is also a point to be wary of.

In order to attack other dinosaurs, you need to pay attention to the amount of blood left. If you lose and your stamina is depleted, you will not be able to achieve maximum strength. 

Therefore, you need to improve your dinosaur's abilities and control them to win faster. After the victory, the dinosaur gains great strength and can become the leader dinosaur. Adding more abilities to refresh dinosaurs is also a great thing about the game.

Jurassic Spinosaurus takes you into a unique dinosaur world, and the stories involved will overwhelm you. This is a modern game and players can choose their own dinosaur and keep improving. 
-Wide Variety of Dinosaurs
-Daytime & Weather Cycle
-And So Much More!
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Size: 76mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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