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DBZ: Fighters Fan Game by Mbabker APK

Dragon Ball is one of the main franchises in all anime, with its popularity reaching several decades. However, it did not dim, becoming more popular than ever with newer series, video games, manga, and movies. The latter is a very interesting element due to the history of the series with films, with this production being the driving force for the revival of the franchise.

So how can the legendary Dragon Ball anime? Dragon Ball films were once regarded as mediocrity, many times failing to meet the quality that the audience wanted. Nevertheless, as the series continued, his films became better, becoming a must-watch for fans.

Because of the popularity, many gamers and developer tried to make their own games of Dragon Ball series. And Mbabker did a good job in realizing their idea. In their fangame that called Fighters, is a Dragon Ball fangame for mobile android (that also available for other platform).

In this Dragon Ball fangame android apk called Fighters, you will be able to choose characters from the series as well as some Original Characters of the creator. The battle style is almost identical to the other Dragon Ball game around, so you will be able to play it easily.

Kamehameha, almost everyone especially those who grew up in the 90s must have heard the word. Along with the boom of Dragon Ball anime, this word also became a trend among young people at that time. This is not surprising considering that this anime has many fans from all walks of life.

Dragon Ball tells the story of the adventures of a boy named Son Goku who lives in the mountains. Goku's fate changes when he meets Bulma, the genius girl who takes him in search of dragon balls. It is said that if a person manages to collect dragon balls scattered all over the world, then his wish will be realized. Finally, Goku and Bulma started the adventure of collecting the ball and faced many challenges along the way.

Akira Toriyama is the author and illustration of Dragon Ball. At first, this work was written only in the form of one shot or short comics. Toriyama sensei said that this work was inspired by the story of the journey of taking scripture to the west. Therefore, there will be many Asian elements and characters similar to the Story of Journey to The West.

Dragon Ball is one of the legendary works in the Japanese entertainment world. This work inspires many others to create. 

Another adaptation based on this work is video games. There are countless games released based on Dragon Ball characters or stories. Initially, the Dragon Ball game was released in a battle card format. As time goes by, Dragon Ball games take an RPG format interspersed with action. Generally, Dragon Ball games are released in the form of console games. However, later this game was also released in mobile form.

Although inspired by the story of Sun Wu Kong and his friends' journey, Toriyama sensei also inserts kung fu actions in his work. In addition, in order for his work to sound like a shounen manga or young people, Toriyama sensei added the idea of looking for a dragon ball to sound like it has a purpose. This work itself also contains many Asian elements, in contrast to Toriyama sensei's previous works.

Shortly after the first Dragon Ball series ended, the studio immediately aired a sequel to this anime with the title Dragon ball Z. The center of the story of this anime sequel is still the same, namely Son Goku. If in the first series the plot of the story centers on little Goku to adolescence, then this anime sequel tells the story of Goku as an adult. The sequel to Dragon Ball itself aired from 1989 to 1996 with a total of 291 episodes.

Japan has many works that are very popular and legendary. Among the existing works, Dragon Ball is often an inspiration for other writers. Therefore, even though the manga and anime are now over, this work still remains in the hearts of its fans.
-Skills & Battle System
-Many Areas
-Many Dragon Ball Z Characters & OCs
-And So Much More
Link Download:

Size: 177mb

Credit: Mbabker

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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