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Dadish 3 Mod APK

Dadish 3 Mod APK - Review

Dadish 3 is a classic platformer with old-fashioned graphics and a series of challenging levels.

Visit various places such as swamps, outer space, and giant trees and an exciting and wonderful adventure awaits you in Dadish 3 to find your missing child. Characters can jump, flee, avoid danger, cling to the top of their heads and even walk on the ceiling.

Your mission is to overcome all the difficulties and reunite with your children to not only win, but also to defeat the boss.You can ride rockets and you can ride talking burgers. Don't forget to go through every corner of the virtual world to find hidden secrets, find additional rewards, and collect stars. Help Daddy Moo find the fidgety kids, cross the rough roads with dangerous trials, and defeat all his opponents.

The plot of Dadish 3 tells the story of the main character who is a moose. After a hard day's work, I decided to rest and go to sleep, at which point the children all decided to go for a walk, but they were too far from home to get lost. Waking up, Radish realizes that her children have left and is now faced with the daunting task of overcoming all obstacles and finding the children she loves.

The overall gameplay in Dadish 3 is divided into 50 levels, each representing a different obstacle course. Move forward beyond other blocks. Avoid various dangers and defeat killer ice cream, evil bread, cupcake snakes and other enemies. You can continue your journey and make new friends. You can also meet your ex-girlfriend to help you and make friends with dolphins who will help you swim through sea obstacles. Also, every 10th stage, a boss fight awaits you.

The main difficulty that plagues the player throughout the game is only one life. In other words, mistakes immediately lead to losses. The first obstacle has the form of a small abyss that you have to jump through, but this is not easy. It is recommended to speed up and press the jump button at the end of the cliff. Sharp circular saws, spikes protruding from the ground, darts, fire, etc. can harm the protagonist of the game.

The graphical portion of the Dadish 3 mod APK features a 2-D style, and all images are made up of pixels. Immerse yourself in a retro atmosphere that will delight you with stunning images and help the hero save his children. Travel to a variety of locations.

The main drawback of Dadish 3 is the sabotage ads. It appears right during the levels which greatly hinders the gameplay. Finally, if you want to remove the ads, download the Mod APK that removes all the ads. Dadish 3 Mod APK also unlocked all the levels already.

Your little ones are gone and now you are embarking on an epic adventure in search of your little ones. You'll have to go through a variety of obstacles. It can be different kinds of spikes, disappearing platforms, moving cubes, and so on. There will also be a bunch of crazy enemies in fast food forms such as french fries, burgers, slices of pizza and many others. With more than 40 unique levels, overcome everything and find your little ones. Funny, entertaining conversations and great music. All of this creates a Si-won Lee atmosphere, so you don't want to be disturbed even for a moment.

You need to collect stars from the level. The more stars that you able to collect during the level, the more points you will get in the end of the game. Upon successful completion of the position, you will be able to be reunited with one of the children, after which you will be able to overcome new obstacles. The platformer will please all fans of Mario, whose responsiveness and attentiveness will help them overcome the difficult parts of the position.

The game controls are very simple. Click the arrow on the left to set the direction or touch the right half of the screen to jump to avoid the next enemy.

Dadish 3 is an interesting platform game that requires your reaction and creativity. If you like this kind of game, don't overdo it.
Link Download:

Size: 59mb

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