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Under: Depths of Fear Mod APK

Who doesn't love a good horror game? It's always fun to be chased by evil creatures or masked killers. Under Depths of Fear uses a more physiological approach and makes you face inner demons. Overall, it sounds like an amazing game with a thought-out concept.

The game has you playing as Alexander Dockter, a traumatized WW1 Veteran. You will try and survive on a terrifying century-old ocean liner as it begins to sink and fill with water. If that's not bad enough, you're being stalked and sabotaged by a vengeful entity that doesn't know when to stop.

Mechanically, Under Depths of Fear is as simple as it comes which isn't always a bad thing. You navigate the ship trying to solve puzzles like scenarios. You'll need to find keys, unlock them, and read notes to advance through the ship and try to escape. There are areas of the map that can get very dark and need to use candles to illuminate the road.

As you explore the ship, you'll find documents, collections, and audio cassettes that add to the story. This will help flesh out a broader story than just a man on a sunken ship. The main pleasure for the game is trying to find all the keys. The title is less scary and more comedic with the way they move and act.

The graphics don't make the game interesting, but only add to it for the better. Not only that, but this game is very dark in some parts and scenes. You'll literally struggle to see anything even at maximum brightness. It may be made that way for effect but players still need to see where they go.

A new horror FPS game, which seems to be hyped on several websites. Some of his comments even said he was happy to finally find this game. Lah, it means it's exciting, right? Curious, I immediately downloaded and tried it. I definitely share it, considering that this is a premium game. It's actually a bit afraid when I played this game. It's not because of the ghost, but it usually plays games of this genre, making my head dizzy.

The first thing I want to see in this kind of game? The ghost is dong! How scary he will look like later. The setting of the place is very supportive. That is in a narrow place with many rooms in it. A place with dim lighting and some dark parts. It seems, we are in a big ship. There is no clear instruction on what is happening and what we should do.

But as players we will understand what we have to do. that is, doing exploration. Access other rooms by solving puzzles. Later in the exploration, we will find information about the background story of this game.

Whether it's from documents, photos, or even voice recordings that at the same time add to the horror feel. Talk about ghosts!? It seems that I won't find it in this game. Either there is or not. But isn't horror not always about ghosts, demons or the like.

Unfortunately Under Depths of Fear started off well. But then it's like the ship itself started to sink and lost all the real urge to play it. This is a very good idea but the game in fact feels more like an alpha game to demonstrate the possibilities of a larger project.
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Size: 739mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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