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Legend of Heroes 3 (英雄群侠传3) Mod APK

This is the third series of the "Legend of Heroes" series that one indie gamer produced itself, and was developed and produced in 3D.

Legend of Heroes 3, the change is very big, from the first generation of pixel style to the second generation of 2D ink style, the content is constantly increasing, and the difficulty and production capacity of the game have also increased dramatically.

This game was created by one person and cannot be taken care of in all aspects at the first moment. It took a long time for optimization and production to make the game continue to be perfect. Fans are also welcome to discuss the game plot, production direction, problem feedback, etc.

There are so many obstacles that a person needs to make a 3D game. Models, animations, particle effects, scenes, plots, skills, etc., can also be regarded as new challenges for oneself after completing the first and second games. generation of independent production. Each chapter is completed, it will be updated once, so that all players who love martial arts can continue to feel my sincerity.

3D style martial arts, purely free self-paced role-playing game, no network needs, no in-app purchases.

"The Legend of Heroes" has been a high-level freedom game that requires brainstorming, analysis and research since the first generation. Everyone in this game is equal, and invincible players without paying money are available to everyone who has a dream martial arts A starting line to complete your martial arts dream in this world.

More details of martial arts in the 3D world you need to explore.

The battle mode in the game adopts ARPG of mass real-time combat, while the important plot or important BUG adopts the turn-based battle mode. There are both, no matter what fashion you like, you can find a friendly one.

Legend of Heroes 3 prefers to be meticulous and close to reality. For example, you can control your character to run fast or walk slowly. When you are close to the river, you can hear the sound of water, the sound of eagles in the market, and the chirping of birds in the forest. And the farther the distance, the quieter the sound, the change in weather, rain and snow, black and white day and night, etc. The characters in the martial arts fantasy also do their own things.

The production and development of 3D games is much larger than pixel games and 2D games, and it takes more time for one person to do and energy, the creator will reply according to the number of downloads of the game and the number of comments on the game. 

Some martial arts cheats and magic weapons depend on whether you have found the right person to have a good relationship, and the characters of the opposite can also get married. You can marry your favorite martial artist. After marriage, your partner can help you practice, search for treasures, and forge.

Ore and wood can be found on the map at any time, and they will grow for a period of time after the collection is completed. Each sect has a position as small as the head of the Dao disciple, and your identity will change because of your behavior.

Some treasure chests or some have passwords. If you put them in wrong, they will be self-destructive, so don't be smart. On-hook system, busy friends don't have time to play? Lang Huan Paradise provides offline and online on-hook functions, and the harvest is different.

Players can also do upgrade work every day. When players are tired of upgrading and fighting monsters day by day, they can also have other life experiences in the game.

In addition to providing normal upgrades for players, Legend of Heroes 3 also provides daily activities such as hunting, painting, and calligraphy.

In the game, players can also focus on doing business to make a lot of money, with the money earned, players can buy villas, furniture, hire guards and servants, and there are many ways to make money. Legend of Heroes 3 is still in beta, so the full feature above might not in game yet.
-Unlimited Skills
-HD Graphics
Link Download:

Size: 99mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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