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Dragon Ball FighterZ Android: Tap Battle Mod by Scar Lord APK

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android: Tap Battle Mod by Scar Lord APK - Review

This game has a pretty good interest from fans of fighting games and also the Dragon Ball anime. Instead of using 3D cell shading graphics like in some previous Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball FighterZ comes with full 2D graphics with flexible movements.

Although its not real Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it is a game modded by Scar Lord (Mateus Aguiar so that a game which is originally called Dragon Ball Tap Battle will become much more like Dragon Ball FighterZ android apk.

For the characters, you can play the original characters you know in the Dragon Ball series. These characters can also use their own signature moves. There are also a lot of character choices, even more than the previous Dragon Ball games.

If there's one thing about Dragon Ball FighterZ that deserves to be adored from Dragon Ball FighterZ is the experience with what you love from Dragon Ball itself, whether from the manga or anime version. So almost all the elements of the presentation, from just visuals to audio, fulfilled the little dream. Unreal Engine 4, which is used as a base, is optimally utilized to create beautiful 2.5D visualizations from color detail games, to mesmerizing through a variety of character attack animations that are maintained and adapted to the game itself. Something that sounds simple on the surface, yet complex when you dive deeper into it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tap Battle mod apk is a 2D fighting game where you have to control some of the best characters from the legendary Dragon Ball manga/anime, using a system controller that has been adapted to touch screen technology. Much more accurate and smooth than other titles in the same genre, the game also allows you to use the virtual game pad if you wish.

To install, you will have to download some additional data. Although at first the progress bar does not seem to be moving forward, the installation proceeds properly. Be patient. Once installed, navigation remains fairly easy even if it is entirely in Japanese. The game provides a story mode and player vs player battles via bluetooth connection.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tap Battle mod apk, you can play as some charismatic palng heroes in anime history, such as Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Freeza, Piccolo, and Gohan. In all, you can unlock more than 20 characters, and will face off against opponents in the most iconic Dragon Ball scenes.

The combats in Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tap Battle mod apk are original and effective. You don't need a virtual pad because it can move the carkter easily and hit enemies with special attacks. For example, to replenish energy, you just need to tap on the character. Kamehameha attacks can be done by tapping and pressing enemies from afar.

As with the average other Dragon Ball games, the gameplay of this game is fighting. But packed more casually and easily. All the controls in this game are done by tap. To attack just tap the enemy character, whether it's with a combo attack or Ki. To collect Ki just press and hold the screen. For those who don't know, Ki is an in-charge in the Dragon Ball series. Son Goku needs Ki to attack the enemy with Kamehameha. In the game, usually the number of Ki will also make our character change form, for example Super Saiyans. But not in this game. This is just an example.

When it comes to graphics. This game has pretty good graphics, but unfortunately with animated visuals that are quite varied and sometimes feel monotonous. But at least this game is a Dragon Ball series game with actual gameplay that I or other players want on android. A fighting game with simple controls and customized for devices with touch screens.

There are several characters present in this game. they are Son Goku SSJ Blue, Vegeta SSJ Blue, Krilin, Cell, Frieza, and Broly LSSJ. Indeed, many are not presented, but considering that this game has a minimalist size, of course it is natural. But in addition, the style of gameplay is very Dragon Ball ish. When fighting, maybe we will fight each other's punches with the enemy, or fight Ki moves with the enemy. 

In terms of gameplay, Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tap Battle mod apk is actually no different from the gameplay of fighting games in general. However, there is something about this game that is its own differentiation. This game has a very fast pace that requires your fingers to be agile. When fighting you can unleash iconic moves such as kamehameha which is very destructive.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tap Battle is an excellent 2D fighting game. The game not only has a perfect control system, but also graphics that are one of the best for Android games. The game still appreciates Akira Toriyama's work when it is adapted to a car device, as well as official.
-FighterZ Characters Style & Menu
-New Characters (New Broly LSSJ, Gogeta SSJ Blue, Majin Buu, Bardock, etc)
-New Skill Effect
-New Maps/Arenas (Ruined City, Damage Planet Namek, etc)
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 269mb

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