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Combat Magic: Spells & Swords Mod APK

Combat Magic: Spells and Swords is an action game that takes place in a medieval world where two small armies face off on the battlefield. Each player can control a warrior, archer, or mage. The objective: kill the enemy king.

Entering an era where knights and wizards fight, Combat Magic: Spells & Swords presents exciting gameplay. This is the best action game on Android that uses a 3rd person camera through a shooting and slashing fighting style.

Each player is free to set the playstyle of each character with various classes already provided. You will also find more than 10 unique abilities in this game as well as hundreds of weapons and armor. For those of you who are curious, you want to try Combat Magic: Spells & Swords Mod APK, just click the link below.

Today there is such a large selection of fighting and role playing games that you can play. This genre brings its own fun and fun when played so that people are always interested in looking for something new.

If you're a fan of this game, you can play Combat Magic Mod APK right now to enjoy sword, arrow, spear, and magic. Packed in a third-person perspective, the game also has RPG elements that produce slick combinations.

Just a glance you will find that this is a fun game. You will be presented with a diverse battle system against other players from all over the world. But you will not use firearms, but medieval weapons.

Just advance to the battlefield with swords, sledgehammers, arrows, and so on as if it were a war in the ancient kingdom era. You can play online or offline to unlock various existing features. You can also play Combat Magic Mod APK for a freer gaming session.

If you like games that allow you to fight with other players to the point of bloodshed, there are plenty of options for you. But what is unique about the concept of medieval empire-era warfare with swords and magic is not so abundant.

As a game that focuses on open war with weapons and magic, you must try a new game called Combat Magic. Here you fight in a third-person perspective with a 3-dimensional view. The fun thing is, you will use both close and far-range weapons.

This action game developed by Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games is arguably new because it hasn't been a year since its launch on June 1, 2021. In Google Play Combat Magic: Spells & Swords has been downloaded more than 1 million times. To play it, your Android system must be 5.0 and above.

In Combat Magic Mod APK, you can go around the open world and do everything you need to survive. Remember, all the players you meet also think similar things.

Like RPG games, here you can also choose a character and change and adjust its appearance according to your heart. Once all is ready, it's time to go ahead and fight to victory.

Welcome to the medieval world where the fighters here used swords, arrows, spears, sledgehammers, and also magic wands. Imagine a fight with a gun blade, sliding arrows, and flashes of magic with cool visual effects.

Enjoy fighting like ancient royal soldiers against other players. You can design your character to your liking, including his hairstyle and clothes. It's even more fun to play with your friends.

Wars in the era of ancient kingdoms recognized both melee and long-range weapons. Find a fighting style that you like and express the powerful fighters within you by playing Combat Magic.

There are many weapons that you can choose from such as axes, spears, swords, arrows, hammers and so on. If you choose the wizard class, you will use magic. Just try the weapons and fight as you wish.

You'll find several different classes in Combat Magic Mod APK. There are swordsman, archer, magician, and more. Each class has a special skill. Make sure you choose a class that suits your play style, and enjoy the game.

As you progress in the game, there will be many skills unlocked in addition to the standard attack button you got at the beginning. Each class has three skills that can be used on various occasions. There are also usual buttons such as shield, normal attack, jump, kick, and walk.

As a game with RPG elements, you can change and customize the character you choose in many aspects. Give it a name, specify the hairstyle, skin color and clothing. There's so much more you can do for your character's appearance.

The controls of Combat Magic: Spells and Swords are simple. On the left side of the screen you have a virtual movement stick and on the right you have all the action buttons. You can jump, dodge, block attacks with a shield and, of course, attack. You can also change weapons in the middle of the combat and use potions. Herbs are useful for restoring health and energy, among others.

The main objective of the war here is to kill the enemy king. However, generally the king is heavily guarded in a fortress, so to deal with him you have to deal with his army first. Thanks to the wide variety of weapons, you can strategize, with several players supporting you from behind with arrows, magic, and others stepping forward using swords and shields. But be careful, because the enemy will also use his own strategy.

One of the great aspects of Combat Magic: Spells and Swords Mod APK is the choice of weapons, shields, and decorative elements that can be used to customize the character. You can choose between hundreds of hairstyles, beards, skin tones, face shapes, more. And, of course, you can unlock dozens of weapons, shields, battle armor, gloves, boots, and so on.

Combat Magic: Spells and Swords is a great 3D action game where you can join thrilling multiplayer battles, equipped with just your sword, staff and abilities.
-Unlimited Money
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Size: 74mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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