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Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution Mod APK

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution creates an extremely tense and exciting fight of spin game. Become a professional player with the best control skills in the world. Not only that, but what you've learned will be an experience worth using. Enemies with evil plots are trying to get something important. Only you can reverse the charter and make a breakthrough on the pitch. Don't be afraid to use your skills to be a winner. If that effort can reach its limit, nothing is impossible.

The game of tops may remind you of traditional games that are usually played by spinning or throwing in the field. Yep, this game is a battle between tops, where the winner is a top that can last longer (can spin until the enemy loses). It turns out that what used to be just a traditional game, now it already exists in virtual form. In the form of Blade Bouncer 2 mod apk.

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution mod apk is designed based on the best gyro game in the world. From simple to complex, make movies and toys that appeal to young people. It's a simple crash, but it has an irresistible charm. The movements are realistically simulated with crisp 3D graphics. You can easily make the necessary changes in your life. It would be much better than a boring real game. Here, everything in the field is decided by the player. So shame the other person.

The gamers have an endless passion for powerful tops. You will also have such a talented companion. Controlling a gyro in the game is relatively simple because it is optimized for the best. You can use the virtual joystick to guide the gyro.

Use the attack buttons to increase the spin of the spinner. Inflict damage in the event of a collision with an enemy and deduct it from the HP bar. The spinner, which is exhausted by HP first, stops spinning and flies out of the field. It's a relatively simple rule of the game, but you can implement it in the best way. When you stop you are admitting defeat.

You need a connection between the event and the level in the plot. Meet the people you will be with on your arduous journey. Don't forget the mysterious enemy who is always trying to manipulate this spinning world. They can wreak havoc on the world in order to dominate it.

You will defeat the minions of this army one after the other to stop them. Then you will face off against a hidden power boss that is waiting behind you. However, you can't use a weak gyroscope forever to achieve your purpose. Your power must also increase gradually through each level.

Your gyro will have special talents to give you an additional advantage in the match. This talent includes many passive skills that the spinner can activate. To unlock talent points, you need to elevate the gyro itself to a higher level. From there, you can open it much faster in the tree of talent and choice. We can investigate these and deploy the issues accordingly.

You can build it according to the type of battle or defense you want. The more talent points you open, the more advantages you'll get over your opponents. Fast and perfect victory for essential matches.

In fact, confronting an AI is predictable, so it always creates boring moments. However, for other players, you have to be very careful. Everyone will develop for themselves the most effective way of playing. So you have to be very careful when fighting random people in front of you. They can put you at a disadvantage quickly. Horses can make victory more difficult in many ways. But when we fail, there will be ways to correct our mistakes. Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution mod apk is endless.

Unlock new blade parts, level up your spirit animals, and complete your unique fighting style to make your way to the top!
Become the best blade guard in the sequel to the game below. Play through "Story Mode," an all-new campaign that includes a thrilling storyline, beloved companions, and mysterious enemies.

In addition to the usual way of playing, Blade Bouncer comes with a special "Story Mode" that consists of several missions that are designed. Test your strength in a new and uniquely designed arena. In this story mode, you can meet many new characters such as Vince, Alvina, Chester and the evil Pharris.
-Unlimited Money (Watch Ads 1x to Activate)
Link Download:

Size: 97mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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