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Backrooms Descent: Horror Game APK

Backrooms Descent: Horror Game APK - Review

Once you're not careful enough, you might end up going to that place, a place that some people call as Backroom. The Backroom of existence, the hellish dimension of an infinite maze-like structure, each level pushes deeper into despair.

This game is designed only for psychologically stable players. Don't you believe it? If so, you should try it right now! You will find yourself in a strange yellow maze that seems to be endless.

The atmosphere is hellish and the corridors seem to be endless. Where is the exit and does it really exist? Don't stop, keep moving from one room to another and pick up everything you see along the way. Next, there can be a few hints that will give you an idea of where to East Sea. You need to do your best to be able to escape from this terrifying place.

Can you find an ordinary person a way out? As you panic, try to sink deeper into the horrors of the back room.

Explore the different levels of the backroom in this horror game. Perhaps the only way out is to survive the monsters and deadly traps and descend to the deepest level.

In this game,you have a family waiting for you so you need to escape to real world. Keep this as motivation to face the fear, and try to move forward and reach the end. Because could be the only way for you to be able to escape. This terrifying adventure will make your heart beat faster as the restless loneliness of this wall screams.

Backroom is a horror game that focuses on stealth, where your enemies may have already heard you, so when you hear them, you try to hide from them.

Collect items that will help you on your journey, and don't waste them for no reason, as it's rare in the horror maze in the back room.

How many corridors are there? This creepy pasta game will make you get lost inside the room with a feeling of fear dominating you.
This scary travel horror survival game isn't just for the weak, limitless labyrinthine corridors that scream as you venture through them.

One of the most popular ways is by no-clipping. No-clipping itself is where a person runs at high speed through a hard object in front of/below them (wall/floor). To successfully no-clipping, the condition is that you must do it accidentally and the items/objects you use for no-clipping must not be damaged.

No, backrooms are not just an ordinary maze, quoted from Wikidot Backrooms, backrooms themselves have many sessions called levels. The first level itself is the level that people talk about the most, that is, Level 0, which is called "Tutorial Level".

As they descend further into the darkness you will explore the various levels of backrooms. Use your spirit to find your only escape in each level as you loot items from experiences like survival.

Keep your eyes open to the danger. There can be traps around and each trap can signal your end in the most evil way possible. Avoid despair, be guided by hope, and open your eyes because no matter what, you have to go home.

Backrooms are an urban story or creepypasta that tells of an endless maze. Backrooms are also another dimension that can be called a glitch.

According to some people, there are 9 quartiliun levels known for now, but many people say that backrooms have no ends or have endless levels.

As someone once said: If you're not careful and get out of reality in the wrong place, you'll end up in the Backroom. Trapped empty room. Dangerous places, terror awaits in the dark. Hopefully move on.
-Multiple Level of Backrooms
-Unique Entities
-HD Graphics
Link Download:

Size: 110mb

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