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Preventive Strike Mod APK

Preventive Strike is an android game with the gameplay of the side-scroller shooter is good and lively with saturated battles, explosions, boss battles and all the other attributes of the genre.

The player who plays the pilot of a helicopter gunship embarks on a devastating journey across enemy-captured territory. They must destroy equipment, destroy buildings, burn convoys and other things that weaken the enemy, forcing them to seriously slow down the pace of attacks.

Preventive Strike mod apk is a vertically scrolling shooter by One Moldova developer, TocanaDev. TocanaDev first landed on Steam three years ago but was brought to PSN by Polish porter SimFabric.

You play as an unnamed helicopter pilot. This pilot will have to experience four levels of amazingly intense aerial battles, starting at his borders and heading to the enemy base.

With just four stages, all lasting just a few minutes, it may sound easy, but a preventive strike is a very strange shot and expectations change as you play.

Before we do that, let's talk about the basics. As expected, move with the left stick, but you will have to use a few buttons along the way.  Launch the main weapon (multiple machine guns), launch homing missiles from a limited supply, use shields (if available), and launch "airstrikes", which are basically smart bombs. These are all very finite, but you can get additional stock from the icons that appear in the air during the game.

The game is vertical scrolling, but it uses a 2.5D approach, so it gives a very impressive look at first, especially if you take into account all the bullets and bright colors on the screen. 

However, seconds after their first foray into the game, the chopper is blown out of the sky without saying anything. So you play again. And again. And again. Just eat the soil every time and you will question whether the game can be played.

This is what we meant when we talked about expectations. At first, the game looks pretty pretty and looks like a very difficult conventional shoot. But as you make progress, you realize that's not all.

Look, the key to survival is not actually shooting enemies. Sure, you have to do it, but your main weapon is as impressive as it looks, but it doesn't actually fulfill its mission. Suprisingly, the small enemies also could take a few seconds for the helicopter to properly destroy them. This gives you all the time you need to attack you with amazingly fast weapons.

Instead, the trick used on Preventive Strike mod apk is to survive until the next power-up. Use the stock of 40 homing missiles freely, but be careful not to waste them and quickly eliminate enough enemies until you get resupply. You will always be damaged, it is quite inevitable, so don't forget to use your shield at the right time and take in its airstrikes so that you can survive long enough to reach the next health icon. It's all about knowing where the next power-up is and doing enough to get there.

Although, there are some hassles are also included. The game does not have a pause function. Nothing happens when you press the option or touchpad. In the shooter. It's ridiculous. Also, power-ups often appear outside playable areas (these are scripted positions, not because they were dropped by enemies attacked by homing missiles).

However, the main problem is actually just the gameplay. Top-class shots require carefully considered gameplay. Take a shooting game from a cave as an example. They are difficult, but skilled players can get through them without being hit. With preventive strikes, it's inevitable and inevitable to be hit.

This is usually also a case that you will think "what hit me?" Because almost all of the damage is a surprise to you, you wouldn't know what hit you. In other words, the level design is a bit difficult to reach because it only places the health icons far enough apart, but close enough to exit the game. This isn't actually a shooter, it's actually about resource management.

These visuals are just as dynamic and impressive as they were when you first saw them, but they actually get in the way of the action and when you realize how basic the enemy and level design is, they're actually not that impressive. There's no real boss, except for a few slightly larger helicopters. Dynamism is actually just all firepower fills the screen, but as we said, all your weapons are not bitten by bark and the enemy is an ultrasonic ray of inevitable damage.

However, here's a game that's very short, perhaps unfinished, and barely shot. Getting through it only takes an hour, actually, after you understand what it wants of you. But Preventive Strike is still worth to play for you that want quick games.
-Health Regen Boost
-No Ads
Link Download:

Size: 98mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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