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Petrichor: Time Attack! Mod APK

Petrichor is a cyberpunk-survival shooter game that located in Neo-Kowloon City. You will follow the journey of saito initiative members, trying to find out the cause of the Technology Infection.

Defeat your high score and fight the Blighted hordes while maintaining your time! This shooter game is completely offline! With the gamepad support and responsive touch screen controls!

Petrichor Time Attack mod apk is a third person shooter game with console-quality gameplay experience! This game also came with original cyberpunk-hip-hop soundtrack and no advertising or microtransactions inside the game.

A variety of characters with upcoming free updates and stages, the current characters available are include Langlee, Elizabeth, Hector, Maria and Sybil.

Petrichor: Time Attack mod apk is about saito's secret organization that is always assigned big, unknown, and sometimes very dangerous missions. The peaceful world suddenly falls due to a mysterious virus infection that is terrible. The once brilliant City of Neo-Kowloon was quickly engulfed in darkness. Everyone infected with the virus has turned into a terrifying black monster with fiery red eyes, ready to bite and destroy all survivors.

In that situation, Saito's organization is tasked with destroying all monsters and finding the source of this terrible virus. As one of Saito's useful agents, you will start a battle. An increasingly difficult battle has begun.

Petrichor: Time Attack mod apk is basically a third-person horror shooter action game. And many people also think that Cyberpunk is bold from graphics, colors to characters, mixed with a little Resident Evil shooting style.

First of all, the warrior characters here almost all female and only few male. Is Saito the world's feminist warrior organization? No one confirmed this. But just controlling girls with beautiful bodies, with players who like to shoot, is already a very unique experience.

In the process of playing, the two of you will have adventures on the streets of large and small cities that were once very modern before, with a third-person point of view through the character's shoulders, and have to constantly face and fight many monsters that come. with increased speed.

Almost every activity in Petrichor: Time Attack mod apk revolves around survival shooting. You will choose a female character in the Saito organization. The five members of the organization include Langlee, Elizabeth, Hector, Maria, Sybil. Everyone has unique weapons strength and instincts (bows, rifles, pistols, catapults).

When you start inside the game, ammunition and character health indicators appear on the screen for you to easily follow. Every time a monster is shot down, the accumulated statistics appear on the head of the killed monster and automatically update your score. At some point, you will have enough points to upgrade your weapon.

In general, the weapons in Petrichor: Time Attack mod apk are not too many and also not too powerful to make no sense. But the fact that characters can change weapons as they go deeper into the fight more or less brings more excitement to the player.

The shooting range in Petrichor: Time Attack is also much better than when it was first released. It makes aiming easier and some advanced weapons are upgraded later to have an impressive range, to help you deal with a group of monsters rushing forward.

Petrichor: Time Attack mod apk is also designed quite specifically when it is convenient to touch and control on a mobile phone and is suitable when using the Gamepad.

The graphics, design, backgrounds, and characters in Petrichor: Time Attack compared to other large 3D shooters are only in the average mid-range, all designed simply to minimalist. The zombies here have no special shape but only a black mass with limbs and a head and two red eyes in the middle.

But it is this design that brings significant effects. You can fully focus on aiming and shooting as accurately and accurately as possible. The whole space is gloomy but still has a bit of modern colors and echoes of the past, which also bring a lot of emotion when playing.

The feeling was a mixture of tension, suffocation, and sometimes a sigh of relief at breaking through the siege.

Along with the above design style, the bold background music makes people say that this game looks and sounds very Cyberpunk. This modern soundtrack only makes the situation very situational, but the rhythm of the game is lively, not carrying a feeling of loneliness or boredom, heaviness, depression like many other horror games.
-Unlimited Ammo
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Size: 148mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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