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Green Glass - Beautiful Offline Game APK

Green Glass is a game that carries the story of the adventures of a warrior or samurai displayed in very beautiful visuals. You will face various enemies and obstacles on the way. The area you will pass includes grasslands, rivers, forests, deserts, and so on. Each environment is packed in detail.

The situation is not as smooth as you imagine, but quite tense because it is accompanied by various battles. The game controls in this game are also packed quite well, so it can make it easier for you to control your character, from walking, riding horses, to attacking.

A very cool game with a variety of puzzles and thrilling battles. Not only has cool gameplay Green Glass has visuals that are very soothing to the eye with soothing audio. This game is perfect for those of you who like RPG gameplay with slick graphics!

Green Glass apk is a game that has good visual quality, well even for the fact that it is chinese, but this game has a unique gameplay.

In terms of the story I don't know at all the story, but the essence of this game is that you have to protect a woman who is injured along the way.

Simple gameplay and also good graphics can make you feel at home to linger in playing green glass games on android.

This android story based game has a pretty interesting story to follow. You will be invited to adventure to explore various mysterious places contained in the game.

To play this game is very easy, the control made by the developer is very easy for the game to play it. The combat effect of each fight performed also makes this game even more interesting to play.

There are 2 characters in this game, male and female. The man is a swordsman, and the woman is likely his partner. Correction if I'm wrong, the matter is just a guess, hehee (The other possibility of their relationship is the servant and the master). The story at the beginning of the game shows an attack on a residence. 

The male main character managed to slaughter these attackers by himself. It looks like an ambush. Therefore, the bodyguards in this house were killed all over. Fortunately, the female character was not killed.

He was just lying outside the house in a state soaked by the rain. Either injured by the attacker or indeed from the beginning he was already seriously ill. You see, in the gameplay, this female character looks weak and exhausted.

The stunning graphics make the gameplay journey look epic. The visuals of the background are depicted very beautifully and variegated. Our eyes are spoiled against the background of weeds, trees, rivers, to bamboo forests. Everything looks stunning. What amazed him was when he saw the weeds, clothes and hair of the character in the wind. The light effect makes the graphics of this game feel artistic. It looks like a painting.

The fight is also very exciting, can duel and fight with many enemies. The duel is styled in Chinese films between 2 swordsmen. As if full of technique and strategy. But the speakers are so rich can win really. The important thing is to try to avoid when attacked, then counterattack directly when the enemy's condition dies a step. With comfortable controls and including simple, this game is highly recommended. 

Green Glass has a very good presentation for the size of mobile games, and is arguably the equivalent of PC and Console. Details from the movement characters, to the environment they present seem to take mobile games to a much higher level.

Green Glass not only presents a cool graphics, but this game is also filled with puzzle elements, and also very interesting fighting action.

This adventure game is packed with graphics and a very cinematic design. It's like we're playing games while watching a movie. Tells the story of a couple (I guess anyway), and this guy is good at swords.

It is set in ancient China. It seems that this couple again ran away because of something like that. And they were hunted. As a result, they had to run away on horseback and to escape was not easy. We will be faced with some puzzles such as having to cross the times riding the canoe and how the horse can also follow, to some other puzzles that make us play brain. Continue, we also have to face the enemies that make us have to fight. Well fitting this fight is really cool with its effects.

Green Glass is a 3D adventure that asks you to control a warrior who must accompany a woman along the way. You'll find many obstacles along the way, including powerful enemies who will try to end your adventure as soon as possible.

Green Glass controls are perfect for smartphones. All you have to do is slide your left thumb here and there to move the character, and use your right thumb to tap the contextual action button that appears on the screen. The buttons in this fame will change depend on the situation you are in. In some cases this button is useful for riding on horseback, while other times this button serves to attack or even make tea.

The paths you take in Green Glass are long and varied. At first, you embark on an adventure on a beautiful meadow with your horse, but as you progress, you can cross rivers, through forests, traverse deserts, and more. The atmosphere displayed in the game is amazing and different, which reminds us of another game that is no less extraordinary, Journey.

Green Glass is an introspective, unhurried, and captivating adventure. You will venture into the magical world on foot, on horseback, and by boat. Along the way, you can fight against certain enemies, but the war aspect here is definitely not the most important part of this amazing interactive experience.
-HD Beautiful Graphics
-Full Story
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 1.01gb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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