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Sword Art Online: Reforged Offline by Light Yugen APK

Sword Art Online or SAO Reforged is a new game that its inspired to become the world of Aincrad just like in the anime with same title Sword Art Online, this game is built by Light Yugen, so do not forget to support them too.

It is undeniable that Sword Art Online is one of the best-selling series with a myriad of fans around the world. The name Sword Art Online itself skyrocketed when the anime first aired in July 2012. Until now, both light novels and anime are still running.

Thanks to this popularity, Sword Art Online also gets video game adaptations of course because of the genre it offers. Have you tried playing all the Sword Art Online games? Well, in this article, the KotGa crew will mention various Sword Art Online games that you must play, whether the PC, console, or mobile version. SAO Reforged is the anime game that you can play on your android smartphones.

If you ask, what is the biggest desire or dream of gamers, especially online gamers, surely the answer is not far from: Enter and feel the virtual world in the game firsthand. This is what is depicted in the Japanese light novel titled Sword Art Online as well as this game theme, SAO Reforged offline apk.

Sword Art Online tells the story of an advanced online game in the future, where players must wear a helmet called NerveGear. The helmet is said to stimulate the user's brain, so they can enter and feel firsthand how the virtual world of the game they are playing. The first thing you think about when you hear this title is a game, correct, SAO Reforged apk is a game based on anime and this anime does tell about a boy who really loves computers, electronics, games, his main music that depends on it all, the boy's name is Kirigaya Kazuto.

But on the first day of the game's launch, a terrible incident occurred. The developer, Kayaba Akihiko announced that players cannot log out of the game in any way. That is, they are trapped in the game and their real bodies in the real world cannot be moved either. Worse, if their characters in the game die, then their real bodies in the real world will also die.

The only way to get out of SAO is to finish the game, which is certainly very difficult and challenging because the monsters in it are very powerful and deadly. That's where the hero, Kirito, who with the help of several other gamers successfully completed his game.

In addition to full action, this game is also peppered with very touching romance dramas. Yes, Kirito is pictured falling in love with another gamer named Asuna. Both of them, they combined his talents to complete the game and save everyone. They even promised to meet in the real world after the game was over.

Sword Art Online is the best-selling anime watched and has a lot of fans, so no wonder the game is quite in demand. The video game adaptation of the series must be in demand by fans who are already infatuated with Kirito.

After the anime ended, SAO's popularity exploded. Game developers are also vying to create a game that adapts this anime, with the guarantee that it will be invaded by its true fans. Of the many adapted games, SAO Reforged is born.

SAO anime became the talk of many people, so some game developers decided to make the original game (not just anime). And SAO Reforged is one of the game that carrying the theme of this popular anime. Eventhough this game still lack of features, but it is indeed promising.
-Quest System
Link Download:

Size: 103mb

Credit: Light Yugen

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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