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GTA 6 - VI Mobile by GKD Gaming Studio APK

GTA 6 - VI Mobile by GKD Gaming Studio APK - Review

GTA VI is a new games that is expected to be the greatest game we will had so far. And this game is a fanmade version of GTA VI android apk. This game is made by GKD Gaming Studio, so please show them support too! GTA 6 Mobile made by them is still under development and on demo beta version, but you can already play it from below.

The developer and publisher of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of games, Rockstar, finally opened up about the existence of gta 6 games. Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in development. 

Rumors related to the existence of GTA 6 have indeed appeared since 2021. However, at that time no party confirmed that GTA 6 was indeed being developed or not.

Grand Theft Auto became a masterpiece of Rockstar Games, which managed to capture the attention of players of all time. So far they have only released five titles, and the fifth entry has not long been released in the remastered version. But in addition, many fans are encouraging Rockstar Games to confirm the latest series of Grand Theft Auto.

In a statement, Rockstar Games said it was working on a continuation of GTA V. When referring to the tradition of naming the previous game, it can be predicted that the game will carry the title GTA 6 or GTA VI android apk.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that Rockstar Games will use new titles without naming using numbers, such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Grand Theft Auto game series is undeniable phenomenal games that people always talked about. Since the first series came out in 1997 for the PlayStation console, GTA has always been in demand and besides, it has always attracted controversy.

Most recently, Rockstar Games caused a stir because they made sure they were working on a new edition, GTA 6. Looking back, who exactly had the idea of creating the action-packed game?

GTA 6 apk obb is currently the sequel game of the Grand Theft Auto series that gamers have been waiting for. After previously there were rumors that GTA 6 android will be located in Vice City, now there are more rumors related to the release date of the game. GTA 6 is rumored to be announced by Rockstar Games starting in 2022.

In a tweet, Rockstar Games revealed that it is currently developing the latest GTA game franchise. Although it is not clearly mentioned, but what Rockstar said is believed to be the GTA 6 franchise. Previously, rumors about GTA 6 have been blowing for a long time in recent years.

It can be said that GTA 6 is currently still in the early development stage and will not be released anytime soon.

Rockstar decided to use the location in the previous version, namely Vice City to be the main location to complete the main missions. As for other missions, Rockstar chose several American regions located in the south.

GTA is one of the best open world games in presenting a vast and open world. But on the other hand there are some shortcomings, namely most of these buildings can only be seen and cannot be entered. Well, in GTA VI we will see more buildings that can be entered.

When playing GTA games, most of the players may go out or make a mess on the streets more often than complete missions. This may be because the missions in the GTA still feel less interesting than the imagination of the players. Well, in GTA VI Rockstar will create many more interesting mission variations.

Fps mode has been introduced in GTA V for some consoles such as Xbox On, PS4, and PC. This is done by Rockstar to provide a more immersive gaming experience than playing in the usual mode.

In GTA 6 rockstar will most likely update and improve ai to make it more dynamic and intelligent. This is so that players get a more challenging and real playing experience.

When playing GTA games, players never lack things to do outside of missions. Players can make a mess with visible NPCs, steal vehicles, or even jump off skyscrapers, and engage in chases with patrol police.

More than that GTA always has a side mission that may be no different than before. This is what Rockstar will improve by making GTA 6 have a better side mission.

In GTA, players can indeed damage some public facilities such as traffic lights or maybe fence houses. But what about the building? Well, in GTA 6 players will make it possible to be able to destroy buildings with rockets or maybe with tanks.

It is undeniable that the presence of the modding community plays a big role in the sustainability of video games after their release. Games like Skyrim and even GTA 4 still have an active player base due to the presence of an amazing modding community. That's why Rockstar plans to create mod support for GTA 6 that is not only for PCs but also all consoles.

Buying a house or building has become part of the gameplay of gta games. The house in GTA can be a place to store game data or change clothes and other items.
Moreover, buying a house inside the GTA is useless. Therefore, in GTA 6 Rockstar will try to create a home in GTA so that it can be customized and more than just activities for previous functions.

If you have ever played GTA: San Andreas game, surely you will not be unfamiliar with the statistical feature in it? These statistics can be used to monitor the condition of the body of the character being played. How fat or how muscular and then the player has full control to keep the statistic growing. Well, unfortunately this feature was removed in GTA 4 and then entered again but not all of them in GTA 5. Well, in GTA 6 reportedly this feature will be included again.

Rockstar will add VR support to add to the GTA 6 gaming experience. This will certainly add more excitement and fantasy that is more real when playing one of the best games.

Unlike previous series that used the main character of a male. This time Rockstar tried to make the character into a woman in the GTA 6 series which will be released in four years. In this case, Rockstar wants to present something new in the GTA VI series.

Just like in the Skyrim game, the main character of GTA 6 can also improve certain abilities. For example, if you want to be better in close combat, then players can focus on improving that strength. If the player wants to be more reliable in doing certain jobs, then the player must focus on improving that strength.

Just like in the Skyrim game, the main character of GTA 6 can also improve certain abilities. For example, if you want to be better in close combat, then players can focus on improving that strength. If the player wants to be more reliable in doing certain jobs, then the player must focus on improving that strength.

In GTA 6 we will find more variations of vehicles such as Skateboards, Rollerblade, and so on that you have never encountered in the GTA 5 series.

In GTA 6 it is not impossible to imagine a family system that can add emotion when playing this game. It could be that players will play as a father, mother, or maybe a child to build a criminal business in their own way. So far when playing GTA is not the emotional side that players can feel because indeed this game only sells gameplay and features as an open-world game that opens.

If referring to the previous franchise, GTA 5, Rockstar took at least 3 years to develop the game. So it is not impossible that gta 6 development will take more or less the same time. Therefore, many parties predict that gta 6 will be officially launched by Rockstar in 2024 or 2025. But if you are cannot wait any longer, you can try this GTA 6 apk fanmade version while waiting for the official.
-HD Graphics
-Weapon System
-NPC & Cars
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 141mb

See you next time and stay tuned!
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