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DragonSpear-EX Mod Savedata APK

DragonSpear-EX is a action and role-playing game with an awesome 2D graphics platform and exquisite character design. Explore a world ravaged by 'Nightmare' and fight against powerful bosses with your friends. If you kill the boss, you can make equipment that contains the power of the boss. In addition, each piece of equipment has its own unique look. Create your own heroes with colorful and cool equipment.

Heroes gradually become stronger through adventure. As your character level up, learn new skills. Grow your heroes to face stronger enemies. If you succeed in clearing the adventure zone it would open up the new area which is Abyss Rift. 

DragonSpear-EX mod apk is a game developed by a company in kimchi country – Game2Gather. Not long ago, this game was a huge success with both the PC and Console versions.

The game belongs to the genre of action role-playing games with very diverse gameplay. With countless unique features, this product is sure to take players from one surprise to another.

However, the game has a relatively easy-to-understand plot. When entering DragonSpear-EX mod apk, you will be taken to a chaotic world due to the cruelty of a force called "Night Mare".

The gameplay is casual and suitable for all circles. Supported by his beuh visuals, horrified! Full of fans service who spoil the eyes. The look of the character cwenya guys! Can make you feel at home playing. Watch out for Jhony to wake up hehee. Mumpung has not been the month of fasting, satisfied to play games with gini-rich visuals. But there is a catch!

The game file is in the form of .apks and do you know what that mean? Yups, which mean you need to use special other apps to install it (its called SAI or Split APK Installer, you can check the link below) and those who is used to installing files with .apks, and happens to like / want to try this game, you are ready to go. Putting aside the obscene and entertaining visuals, actually this game has very good gameplay and addictive. Absolutely perfect for "entertainment".

There are 6 character options in this game, with different classes and weapons. Divided from 4 female characters and 2 male characters. Uniquely, their richness also has its own nature. There are 2 characters in this game, namely Gunner and Sorceress. Know for yourself why we tried these 2 characters, because it is most prominent hehee. What is unique is that Gunner is reluctant to help the residents who are held hostage. At first, this resident could not be helped. Uh fitting to wear Sorceress can be turned out. Not important, but interesting enough to discuss.

As a true warrior, you will have the highest strength. With your friends, your party will be the last ray of hope for the survival of mankind.

It can be said that, compared to similar games of the same genre, DragonSpear-EX mod apk has a superior 2D graphics platform. The skill effect is invested with excellent animation techniques, presenting a beautiful battle phase.

Game2Gather is also very complicated in character design. Based on European mythology, warriors appear with a very beautiful and attractive appearance.

The game is presented to the player through a familiar vertical screen format. With this format, the whole world in DragonSpear-EX mod apk seems to be in experienced hands.

Sound is also an element that makes this game stand out. With an eye-catching attack effect, it is now more immersive thanks to the support of the sound system.

DragonSpear-EX gameplay has a strong appeal for players. With variety and freshness, the PC and Console versions have attracted hundreds of thousands of players and it is time for the mobile version.

At first, you will choose a character to accompany you throughout the game. The game has a diverse character system, including very familiar classes such as, Knight, Swordsman, Fighters, Assassin, Gunner and Sorceress.

However, each class have their own ability as well as their own weakness. Not only that, the fighting and battle style of each class is also very unique and different. You need to do some research and think carefully before deciding which class to choose to start the game. Altho, you still can create different classes later.

After choosing your favorite character, gamers will arrive at the tutorial step. In this step, DragonSpear-EX mod apk with savedata will guide all basic operations such as moving, launching skills or speeding up...

In terms of skills, each character has their own series of big moves. However, to unlock that skill, you need to level up your character according to certain milestones.

However, it should be noted that, you will not be able to add too many moves to a fighter at once. In each game, the character that you play can only equip them with only 6 moves. Which is consist of 4 basic skills and double ultimate skills.

The 4 basic movements will drain the mana and take time to cool down. 1 of the 2 ultimate skills also takes time to count down but for the cast again does not consume mana. The remaining ultimate skills would require enough fury from a normal attack to perform.

Players also don't have to worry too much about which index, because after a normal attack, the mana bar will recover. Instead, pay attention to the health bar as the game will end when health returns to 0.

Like other ARPG games that available, DragonSpear-EX mod apk has all the classic and new features. The first is probably the feature with the most breakthrough elements, namely equipment equipment.

In addition to increasing your combat power through levels, you can also improve your character's battle stats through equipment. The most special feature is that the item, when equipped, will be displayed on the character during game play. This is a very powerful breakthrough when games of the same genre can only change the appearance of characters through weapons.

The equipment system in this game is also very hierarchical. More specifically, the ability to increase the power of weapons is gradually reduced through symbols: Sr, S, A, B, C.

However, you don't have to worry too much if you don't have high-end equipment. With the equipment upgrade feature, you can fully receive weapons of "refined luxury" no less than Sr.

In addition, hot features such as PVP, PVE or features that require teammates such as World Boss. However, to unlock this feature, your character must reach a certain number of levels. This means that the first time you have to focus on overcoming the main story subplot to gain experience.

For the World Boss feature, the battle screen will give you rare and high-class equipment. However, the difficulty is also comparable to that of difficult players.

However, you won't be alone in this feature when DragonSpear-EX allows you to create a party with 4 people. With teammates working together, there are no obstacles that are too difficult to overcome.
-Savedata (60m Gold, 990k Sage Stones, etc)
Link Download:

APK Size: 600mb
Savedata Size: 3mb (Extracted: 10mb)

Note: You can install the APK file (.apks) by using Split APK Installer (SAI)

Extract the savedata file and move the extracted folder "com.game2gather.dragonspearex" to "Storage/Android/Data/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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