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Dragon Mania Offline Mod APK (Fix Screen)

In Dragon Mania, you'll raise and raise dragons of all kinds, collecting all kinds of dragons. You can train it, pit it against friends, and you can also collect it in teams to defeat invading enemy forces.

You can raise and collect more than fifty kinds of dragons. Each has a different shape, size, and color. Each also has special abilities and dozens of elementary attributes that make it unique. And you might have also play similiar game with title Dragon Mania Legends mod apk, this game is the much older version (different game).

Unlike other games, Dragon Mania mod apk is a simulation game to keep dragon animals. In addition to presenting strategy and management skills, when playing this game you must be able to complete missions to collect as many dragons as possible.

This game has hundreds of unique types or species of dragons to collect. Each has a different shape, color and size. You can raise and gather them into a team, then be trained to defeat invading enemy forces.

Without any prior notice, Gameloft quietly released a Pokemon-style game titled Dragon Mania mod apk for Android. In this game you will play a simulation game that requires you to get the best animals in order to win the battle in an arena.

This game actually tells the mission of saving your kidnapped teacher. To save him you must have an animal that can fight the kidnapper's beast. Unlike Pokemon who have to catch animals and keep them, in this game you yourself will breed them.

In order to raise dragons well, you must take care of the dragon's habitat and food. Only in this way can you level up and lure other dragons to your island.

In Dragon Mania Offline mod apk, in order to level up, the dragons must fight. Battles can be held against dragons controlled by the game's artificial intelligence.

So you have to build a habitat, take care of the eggs and put them in that habitat according to the type. For example, you will make an animal with a fire tiper, then the fire habitat must be provided first. The evolution of such dragon in Dragon Mania mod apk can also occur but not very deep. You just feed it, until it rises to a certain level until it evolves by itself.

Another uniqueness, you can marry animals that you already have to become a new species. For example, we can marry the fire type with the wind type then it will be Wind Dragon.

The combat system uses a turn-based style like the one that is already rife in the market. To attack you are given a bar, where you have to stop the needle from moving in the green point to achieve a critical hit.

You have to pay attention to who you are fighting. It could be that your opponent is immune to your main strength. Since you have 3 monsters, you can replace them anytime you want, but you will lose 1 turn to attack. I feel that the battle system in this game cannot be equated with deeper Pokemon.

Dragon Mania mod apk provides a feature to set up dragon habitats within the island. This feature is in the form of an airy space, a place where dragons are cared for to stay alive, grow and develop.

For those of you who are lovers of mobile games, Dragon Mania fix screen mod apk is one of the must-try games. This game has a fun gameplay and interesting visuals. Dragon Mania is an awesome strategy game for you to try. You have to gather as many dragons as possible on your island and take care of them in order to live and grow in harmony.
-Unlimited Money
-Fix Resolution
Link Download:

Size: 9.6mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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