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Dino Terror 2 Jurassic Escape Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK

Meet Dino Terror 2 - Jurassic Escape, which is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dino Terror game of the horror game Rakopus. It will continue to tell the story of all the players who managed to escape from the Dino Terror Level 1 laboratory. The difference is that this is Dino Terror 2 mod menu which made by Ciber Hacker, so do not forget to also support them.

Dino Terror 2 mod menu apk is a game with a unique theme. Dinosaurs are a group of ancient animals that first appeared about hundreds of millions of years ago. However, many fossils have been discovered and researched by scientists.

After a lot of research, dinosaurs are often re-depicted in a movie or game. Well if you are a fan of dinosaurs, you can play Dino Terror 2 mod apk.

Speaking of the most exciting and interesting games, games are not only themed about war games, simulation games, or FPS games. You can also try games with unique themes such as those that will be discussed this time, a dinosaur game, Dino Terror 2 mod menu apk.

It may sound and seem a little childish. However, who would have thought that this dinosaur games can be so challenging and very addictive for anyone who plays them. Not only young children, even adults may be addicted to playing this dinosaur game.

You are trapped in a horror adventure game laboratory. The exit is locked with a latch and a deadly velociraptor roams around to kill anything on the street. Let go of your escape adventure mode and run to find your way out of the room style game. In the meantime, you should be wary of dinosaur attacks, as your gruesome experiments have been revealed.

Try the most thrilling and exciting game atmosphere with high-quality graphics and audio sounds that make dinosaur games look real.

Dinosaur games are rarely played, because many gamers still do not know that this game is actually no less exciting than other game genres. Have you played any of the dino game? Either one, you must try this Dino Terror 2 mod apk.

But the development of this game gradually became popular. Dino Terror 2 include thrilling games and can be played by almost anyone.

You managed to escape from the level 1 laboratory, and the Velociraptor lander has been chasing you all the time. But when you escaped, you reached the level 2 laboratory, and you found that the heavy claw dragon test also failed, eating all the scientists. Now you have to unlock the door of the level 2 laboratory to continue to escape from the two terrifying dinosaurs chasing you.

In Dino Terror 2 mod apk, you have to escape from the laboratory and its terrifying dinosaurs. The members of the laboratory have failed to conduct the dangerous Dino escape experiment. That means the dangerous Velociraptor is now free and ready to eat anyone who gets in the way. Use your skills to break the security of an impossible escape strategy game and try to stay alive!

All lovers of dinosaur android games and dinosaur escape challenges, get ready for the perfect combination of dinosaur horror adventures and Jurassic dinosaur escape strategy puzzles. Make wise decisions, show excellent analytical skills, explore without getting stuck and escape from level 2 laboratories. In this act of terror Jurassic hunter escapes this dinosaur, a deadly raptor and other dinosaur chases you.

The cunning Velociraptor is wandering around in Dino's escape game and he won't hesitate to devour you if he catches you. Run, hide, and don't make a fuss! Move as quietly as possible in a horror adventure, unlock locked doors, hide them wherever you can to avoid dinosaur attacks.

The creator strive to create amazing graphics and sounds so that you can enjoy intense gameplay. Be careful, in this Jurassic Raptor game, even the slightest sound or glitch can cause a deadly dinosaur to attack you. Pay attention to your steps, where you go, what you open, and stay alert and calm as possible during the escape attempt. There is a way to get rid of a Level 2 laboratory, you just need to find it through wise decision making and careful action.

In Dino Terror 2 mod apk, you need to escape from the room style featuring intuitive games and a horror game atmosphere. Cunning dinosaurs can hear any sound and detect any loud movements. You must act slowly and quietly to move forward on an escape adventure and find your way through the exit. When you reach different doors, you have to put your hands on the scanner to enter different horror adventure rooms to hide.

This impossible escape strategy game has intuitive joystick controls that let you move quickly and intelligently in Jurrasic escapes. You can see the room from every angle to scan the dinosaur's attack. Room style escape games will give you 3-5 lives only and you will have to act to save yourself. Hide in the cabin, lock the door, find your way out of the laboratory, and save yourself - only if you can!

Dino Terror 2 - Jurassic Escape strive to create a terrible, exciting, and always exciting game environment, full of details and perfect 3D graphics. The controls of our dinosaur escape game are also very intuitive. All this is accompanied by a dramatic soundtrack and HQ sound effects, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this cool new dinosaur game.
-Unlock 60fps
-God Mode (On/Off)
-No Clip (On/Off)
-Unlimited Ammo (On/Off)
-Time Scale
-Item Getter
-Player Settings (XYZ Coordinates, Scale, Speed, No Clip Speed)
-Enemy Menu (Scale, Stop, Clone, Remove Clone, Place Camera, ESP Color)
-Camera Menu (Create, Select, FOV, NCP, FCP, View All Cameras, Camera Position & Rotation)
-Teleport Menu
-Object Manager (Select, Remove, Clone, Size, Undo, Coordinates, Rotation)
-Physics Menu (Select, Add Physics, Mass, Gravity, Kinematics)
-Menu Settings
Link Download:

Size: 124mb

Credit: Ciber Hacker

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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