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Cover Fire Mod APK

Cover Fire is a first-person shooter game that requires players to control a small group of mercenaries to take on Tetracorp, a large company with the malicious intent of taking control of different areas of the planet, conquering its people and taking on valuable resources. Fortunately, our group of heroes jumped in to stop their lunge.

This game is an offline version of Cоver Firе: Sniреr Shооting. But don't get it wrong, even though it is played offline but the graphics quality of this game is very good. Every graphics content even has High Definiton (HD) quality. 

Overall, the control system in the Cover Fire mod apk is perfectly suited to touchscreen devices. You will aim the weapon by rubbing your finger to the left. On the right side there is also a trigger button, but most importantly, you don't need to make sure the character moves to the nearest protection as he will do it automatically.

If you want to be a little more specific, Cover Fire mod apk is a rail shooter game. That is, the player's wiggle room and the player's target (enemy) are already determined in the game. It's like a train moving on a track. But that doesn't mean boring.

For the game itself, in addition to fighting with the third-person camera point of view, you will also feel the battle from several points of view of the character. First, you can feel the excitement at close range through characters with assault classes. This class was front-line warriors who directly faced the enemy. When playing Cover Fire mod apk, you are required to aim accurately and have nice timing to be able to defeat the enemies.

As for other classes, you can find Sniper. The ability to accurately target enemies is usually used as an assessment for this class. Missions such as shooting at the enemy's head or killing two enemies at once with one bullet are often encountered in this class. Another class that is no less interesting is Demolition with Rocket Launcher weapons or Hackers with portable computer weapons; All of course with a unique form of play.

Although in general we play as an assault army soldier, in some missions we will be snipers or bombers with RPGs (missile launchers / bazookas). The challenge is different too. For example, when using RPGs, we must be able to estimate where the missile fell. So you can't just follow the direction of the target.

In terms of visual appearance, Cover Fire shows excellent 3D graphics. Starting from the appearance of the characters you play, to the details of the playing environment and visual effects, all are well designed and steady. Thanks to that, you can easily see even enemies in the distance.

When following the campaign mode, there are about 9 episodes that you can play. Each episode consists of about 12 missions. So the storyline is quite long.

But Cover Fire mod apk doesn't just offer campaign mode. There are skirmish and event modes as another option. Both have a certain time with a certain gift. For example, there is a zombie event with a character reward named Emily. While the skirmish mode is an online game to determine the level (rank).

The more the enemy's strength increases as the stage increases, making your character also have to be stronger. For that, you can also find an upgrade system in this game. The way is actually quite simple, namely with diligent capital playing!

Why do you have to play? Because you need to collect skill cards, characters, and weapons obtained after completing the stage. Through repetition of playing the stage that has been passed in order to get the prize from the stage, then you can become strong.

Skill itself is a passive power that you can buy with game money, of course after you manage to collect a number of skill cards. The type is quite a lot and its functions vary, ranging from accelerating reloading or filling bullets, increasing the number of bullets in magasin, to making your bullets can penetrate the wall. The higher the skill level, the more powerful you will be in the game so as your combat ability.

The story mode in Cover Fire mod apk provides more than 60 missions you can complete, and in each mission you have to work with and fight various characters. In addition, each character allows you to use a variety of weapons. You will get access and able to use the sniper rifles, missile launchers, normal gun and so many more. While playing and treading positions towards the top, you can also unlock many new skills and soldiers.

Cover Fire is an amazing shooter game, which offers not only spectacular graphics, but also many weapons and missions. The final shot in each mission will remind you of the slow-motion point of view of the popular Sniper Elite.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 320mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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