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After School Simulator Mod APK

After School Simulator is a third-person action game with high-quality graphics, open areas throughout the district, interesting plots, battles, and various actions unrelated to the main story. The main character will be a student who walks around after school and will be drawn to the machinations of secret organizations.

After School Simulator mod apk will allow players to create the character the way they want. The player's avatar can be customized lightly based on the player's style. Things that you can customize such as hairstyle, the color of the hair, body size, the skin color, and so much more. Anything in the body can be edited in detail. It's also an advantage that players favor because the characters in this game all have the beauty of Japanese high school character.

The main character witnesses the existence of monsters and is the only person who can save this city and the entire world. The players help him overcome various problems while not going out of his usual life plan.

This game is made to replicate a small area of Japan for players who are free to destroy everything. The character himself is a high school girl or boy (depend on your character creation) attending a school in the map area. This game is currently in the development process, so at present it has no specific purpose. But the players will discover everything in this game and get in touch with them. It's hard to believe that this game doesn't have a particular main goal, but players can still do some side quests in this game. These side quests are fundamentally defamation and murder. You may not know it, but this game is designed to relieve stress and allow people to destroy everything.

The game also has several other elements, such as shooting action. Players can provide weapons for their characters and perform multiple side quests according to the quest. Both weapons and ammunition are limited, but as the players destroy the city, they will be rewarded with a small amount of money. Players should use that money to resupply bullets and buy new weapons.

After School Simulator mod apk is an open world simulator game. This game has a different story in which a player discusses many things that happen in tehir city. You are the main player of this game and your city is in danger so it is your responsibility to save your people from monster and secret organizations. But for this purpose you need to er out your skills because it is not an easy task to do. This game is completely optimized so you don't have to worry about your usual mobile. Be a real defender and learn how to save people from these problems. The features are impressive and provide a great experience.

After School Simulator game is like a miniature version of the world. Players can do whatever they want. Like shopping, slander, chatting, etc. Especially in the shopping section, players can change girls' beautiful clothes or dress up in beautiful men's clothes. Players can buy whatever they want in this world. In the future, this game will be more developed and some specific goals will arise for the players. But this game is a perfect choice for those who love a free open world games.
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Size: 90mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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