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The Galaxy: Survivor is an FPS sandbox game with a theme between the galaxy and the aliens takes you to enjoy how vast the planet is. The storyline of The Galaxy Survivor mod apk game is here the players will be stranded on a planet because the plane he was on was damaged. Your job here must survive and use existing resources and has been provided by the developer invictus Studio.

One of the games that will potentially be among the AAA quality games that will be present on android. Why? The visuals look beautiful. How do you explain it!? The location of this game is a world or planet similar to earth. but with the color of objects such as different plants. For example, the color of the ground and grass are red. Maybe the simple has a physiographic that is not much unique but looks beautiful. We will adventure or survive in an aesthetically pleasing but also risky alien world.

The Galaxy Survivor mod apk is an offline game from Invictus Studio. The game becomes an offline survival game and your only goal in playing is to survive and build a place to live using the resources available in the best technology.

The game has amazing graphics and gameplay but as it is still in development so there are some features in the development such as Multiplayer and sandbox co-op mode. Actually, this game is still in a pre-alpha position. Continuing to brighten I don't quite understand the intent of Pre-Alpha. but it seems like a version that is still very early and needs not a little development. At first we doubt about sharing this kind of game. That it may has not a little peeled and discussed on a number of websites and outside forums. So it can be ascertained if not a few want to be about the release of this game. The hope is that this game continues to be developed until it becomes a complete game with all the useful features of all. It must be sophisticated!

There is no narrative or a scene in this version. But looking at the situation, we are the ones whose planes crashed into this planet. Survival is one of the very basic things of this game because it is a survival game. And fighting to repair your damaged plane is another destination. Well this is the cool one. It is said that in a number of subsequent updates, we can control the craft and explore other planets. Moga aja, the problem will be coolest if your adventure is not just on one planet. Just like other survival games, we can find objects and create a new equipment to make it easier / help us survive on this aesthetically appealing planet.

The game, as we had mentioned earlier, released by Invictus Studio, is set on a planet. You will be set to be stranded on the planet after the spacecraft you are driving is damaged. Your mission is to survive on the planet using the resources collected, ranging from seeds, plants and other materials with the aim of developing modern technology that is there.

The graphics displayed by The Galaxy: Survivor mod apk are quite good, plus a very wide map, of course, will provide an opportunity for you to explore further and see the beautiful scenery of a galaxy in it. There are also 5 planets of different colors and a variety of different living things.

Easy-to-use mobile controls will make you comfortable playing. Having a very interesting gameplay with stunning graphics makes The Galaxy: Survivor mod apk is one of the best games with an open world type. This Invictus Studio game will take you stranded on an extraterrestrial planet after the spaceship you're on breaks down.

The mission in this game is that you must be able to survive and fight the alien inhabitants of the planet. How to play you need to gather available resources and create modern technology. Yes, in addition to playing, The Galaxy: Survivor game also trains your intelligence. It is also supported with excellent graphics and maps.
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Link Download:

APK Size: 65mb
OBB Size: 16mb

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.ProjectTheGalaxy" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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