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Shurado - Offline Strategic Duel Action APK

Shurado is an action game for Android that will bring us into a dark fantasy world, Shurado, hell for those who have killed many souls, where we must finish off our enemies in an exciting 1-on-1 sword fight. Shurado is an amazing game made by Ganbarion.

Shurado may not be a new game, but the quality of graphics displayed is still not inferior to other mobile games today. Shurado is a game similar to Dark Souls, Infinity Blade, and Tekken that are merged into one. Where the player will take control of a man who falls into "Shurado". Unreal Engine 5 was demoted a few days ago, but it will take a while before the games built with it grace our smartphones. However, until that time comes, we can admire the game made with its predecessor, Unreal Engine 4 and that is what we have for you today! An amazing game, Shurado!

If you're looking for a game similar to Infinity Blade, Shurado is the answer. However, this game combines with the death system in the Dark Souls game. Shurado is a game about 1-on-1 duels that style a mix of medieval Japan and Dark Soul. You're fighting out of the underworld and that means passing through a bunch of literal gatekeepers. Although the controls may seem very simple, once you're in a battle, the gameplay turns out to be so intense, that you're barely aware of the limited types of attacks you can take. The intensity making it hard almost Dark Souls android version.
There are over 130 weapons to unlock, which have different stats and can be upgraded to become more powerful. If you ignore your weapons, you will take a long time to defeat the enemy later in the game.

Fighting game is a genre of games that had experienced a golden age in the 1990s. Unfortunately, lately the popularity of fighting games has decreased when compared to various other games such as first person shooter (FPS) games. However, the fighting game still has its own place in the hearts of gamers. Thus, its existence continues to this day. Starting from the console, now fighting games can also be enjoyed through smartphones. And Shurado is an game that pretty much have dark vibe that make it like Dark Souls android.

You will control a cursed zombie or undead samurai to find out a supernatural existence. The battle mechanism is almost similar to inifinty blade, but if you die, you will lose everything you have and can be taken back at the point you die. Shurado successfully combines Infinity Blade and Dark Souls, and will make you die tens to hundreds of times.
-Unreal Engine Graphics
-Unique Gameplay & System
Link Download:

APK Size: 37mb
OBB Size: 490mb (Extracted: 858mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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