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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Mod APK

Need for Speed Most Wanted android is another masterpiece of EA's popular racing game series, which includes titles such as Need for Speed Shift and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. In Need For Speed Most Wanted apk, players can compete directly with their opponents while avoiding six or more police cars at the same time.

This race game made by EA has a uniqueness that is rarely encountered in other racing game games, in addition to impressing wild racing games (racing not on the racetrack in general but outside the arena or directly plunged in the city or place where it is racing) this game also has a very prominent characteristic that is about where players can chase chase with police foyer wild races with CPU.

For graphics matters, this game is very great and can even be said to exceed NFS Most Wanted console unfortunately this NFS Most Wanted mod apk game that is in the mobile version or android version can not open world as presented in the NFS Most Wanted series on console or PCs. Graphics and gameplay can also be said to be very stunning for the size of a mobile racing game.

The most interesting feature for me is the interference from the police while we are running the race, making the race in this game more exciting, moreover these police officers move very aggressively chasing and trying to paralyze the racing participants. Like Dominic Toretto or Brian O'Connors in Fast and Furious. Because the controls are quite comfortable and responsive, it makes this game more exciting to enjoy. So it's not a difficult thing to conquer the track. But it's also not very easy, anyway.

You'll start playing using a cool car called dodge challenger SRT8 to finish your first race. After that you can navigate through the map to participate in the next events. If you ask if there is a free roaming feature (free to drive anywhere to find an event) then the answer is no. You just tap in an event on the map and you're ready to compete.

Each event spot has some type of race around 6 or 7 but you can not play it immediately because there are some conditions that must be met first. Some event spots also have their own class, so your cool Dodge car may not be usable because it's too fast so inevitably you have to buy a much simpler car.

For the problem of control Need For Speed Most Wanted apk provides 2 kinds the first tilt the second is swipe. Both of these controls I use very rarely in racing games because I prefer the touch system, left to turn left and right to turn right. But luckily tilt controls are sensitive and work well. The buttons on the screen have also started to be removed so you have a better view of the gaming environment.

To activate nitro you simply swipe up anywhere on the screen and to brake you just tap on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately there is no bullet time where you can slow down your car like the matrix. The track design is quite good but a little casual so there will be no sharp 90-degree turns where you have to drift a little, the shortcuts that become trade mark Need For Speed are also much reduced.

Need for Speed Most Wanted apk offers 46 cars including NFS edition, the collection is relatively new and very exciting to collect one by one. But unfortunately these cars you can not customize, the only thing you can do is change the color and it's also only about 4. So indeed this time Need For Speed tries to be more casual and not trouble the players with hundreds of customizations. Although we not sure if this is the right thing because Need For Speed is a pioneer for something like this.

Regarding the matter of the Picture Need For Speed is very not disappointing, we can say the best to date. You can see the details of the environment so well that no space feels too empty. Shadows and reflections are also approaching the console, more realistic and detailed when compared to Real Racing 2 or Asphalt 7. The car can also be destroyed and you can see the windshields cracked when it hits.

Overall true fans of Need For Speed will be a little disappointed with the more casual direction of the game with the elimination of some features. But casual gamers will find that Need For Speed Most Wanted android is a very fun racing game what else with its amazing graphics, regardless of the price is quite expensive. Fans or not, Need for Speed Most Wanted mod apk is one of the best racing games you can play right now.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

APK Size: 19mb
OBB Size: 590mb (Extracted: 594mb)

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Mod Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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