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Inuyasha Combat: Samurai II Vengeance Mod APK

You can play as Inuyasha in this Samurai II Vengeance mod apk. Inuyasha itself is a half-demon dog born more than 200 years ago. This animation tells the story of Kagome, a Japanese schoolgirl who accidentally enters the Sengoku era and meets a half-demon human named Inuyasha. Kagome removes the Inuyasha seal, until finally they have to go on an adventure in search of a split four-spirited ball. This mod Samurai II: Vengeance is called Inuyasha Combat.

Samurai II: Vengeance mod apk tells the story of the revenge journey of the main character, Daisuke. This game provides a war experience from fishing villages, flying forts, and the legendary Dead Island.

The graphics of this game are very eye-catching. By carrying the concept of Manga and the colors used, making this game different from other game graphics. For the first time, some users may be unfamiliar with the game's striking colors, an environment with characters and enemies being played seems almost one because of this. But after a while of playing, users will quickly adapt.

Unlike other action games, Samurai II: Vengeance provides adventure for its users. They can't choose a character in the role of Samurai II: Vengeance. There will only be one samurai character in this app, but with the Samurai II: Vengeance mod apk this time, player will be able to play as Inuyasha. And all the player has to do is continue to travel through a patch of existing road. There will be some soldiers who will attack this samurai figure. If you find a soldier wearing a red robe, it will generally be easier to get rid of than a soldier wearing a blue robe. Players can use the three buttons on the lower right side of the screen. Round button to perform close attack, bottom button to do rolling so that it is faster closer to the enemy. 

The anime or manga Inuyasha itself is the story of a 15-year-old Japanese high school girl named Higurashi Kagome. She turns out to be the reincarnation of a nun named Kikyo, who has a powerful power within her called Shikon No Tama. This power used to be hunted by the demon dog Inuyasha, but because Kikyo has superpowers she manages to get Inuyasha shackled to arrows that are stuck in her body. So Inuyasha fell asleep eternally for decades.

Kagome only finds out who she is and the power she possesses when she goes into a sacred well, near where she lives to save a cat. At that time he was dragged in by a centipede demon, so that she reached the Sengoku era and met again with Inuyasha who she accidentally freed from Kikyo's shackles. She also meets Kikyo's sister Kaede who tells the story of the reincarnation.

In Inuyasha Combat apk (or Samurai II: Vengeance mod apk) there is no need to worry when the player finds a branched road. Players can try one of them. If later the player finds the road he passed wrong, there will be a symbol in the form of a big key. This indicates the player must walk in the opposite direction. Or there can also be walls or bars so that players can not go through the road.

On some sides, players will also encounter closed doors or as if the end of their journey. There will generally be a wood that will shine. If the player finds this picture, then he must move it. The automatic word of the Samurai II: Vengeance app will eliminate the symbols that players use to carry out attacks and replace them with a single mark. This is used to make it easier for users to move it and go to the next level. 

Various actions can be seen in the Samurai II: Vengeance mod apk. For example, players can see when they make an attack, if there are a number of enemies and players attack at once, then there will be hits that will increase the player's blood or score. In addition, players can see how the action they provide by looking at the effect of the enemy. It could be that the player as if slashing the enemy's head or dividing the enemy into two body parts. It sounds sadistic but for those who like the action of course this is very special. 
-Play as Inuyasha
Link Download:

Size: 47mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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