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Huntercraft: Zombie Survival Mod APK

Huntercraft is a game set in a post-apocalypse world with block-style graphics presentation. In this game, your job is to survive by becoming a monster hunter and mutant. By presenting open world elements allows players to explore various regions. While playing you can also complete a variety of different missions. In defeating hordes of zombies, there were several types of weapons that could be used. And by using this Huntercraft mod apk, you could unlock and use any weapons you needed.

Huntercraft Zombie Survival is a game with minecraft-style visuals, but graphically better. It's checkerboard but the tech is smooth and looks HD. It is an action shooter game with zombies as its enemies. All we do is adventure as survivors in a world full of zombies. In the map/ world, we can take a mission to earn extra money, or just to have fun. Diverse missions, such as eliminating a certain number of zombies. In addition to missions, there are also objectives that appear during the mission.

In this game you will hunt various types of zombies in the post-apocalypse world. To be able to overcome the attacks of zombies in groups, there are various weapons options that you can use. In addition, the map offered has a large area so that this game looks like an open world game, there are various challenges presented in each map. You can complete each of these challenges to earn some money that can be used to buy weapons or fill ammunition. But your main mission is to rescue the survivors of a zombie infection to a helicopter evacuation site. Interestingly, this game also offers a cycle of day and night changes that make the atmosphere of the game even more exciting.

Huntercraft Zombie Survival mod apk is a game set in a post-apocalypse world, that already modded with unlimited money. In this game, you will become a monster hunter and mutant. By presenting the open world element, here you can explore various regions. Later, there are various missions that you can complete. To survive the game, you can use several different types of weapons.

Some types of zombies will be encountered during gameplay. In addition to the usual zombies, there are also large zombies like giants. In one zombie horde there is sometimes a big one. Maybe he's the leader/boss of the herd. There are also smaller zombies. Instead of giant zombies, this little one that I think is more annoying. They move faster and harder in the crosshairs. Either zombie apes or children. Or maybe they're not zombies, but mutants.

The type of game that is suitable to be played as a interseity. Because there is no story, nor progress that we have to achieve. The gameplay is fun in our opinion. In addition to adventuring, Huntercraft mod apk also unlocked a creative mode where we can make the world as we want. The controls are also convenient and easy. The interesting thing is actually on the bottom screen. There is a box with an iconic weapon and the amount of ammunition. Which we can intercept to change weapons directly and easily when the gameplay takes place. 

Although it has a relatively small size, but the graphics in this game is able to be packed very well. Not only graphics, character animations are also able to be displayed smoothly.
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 42mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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