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Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds Mod APK

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds is a pure battle royale by PUBG Mobile. You can play alone against AI-controlled opponents, without the need for an internet connection. Before starting the game, you can choose one of three difficulty levels, to adjust the level of ease when landing on the island.

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod apk controls will be familiar to anyone who has ever played android battle royale. On the left there is a virtual controller to move around, while on the right there are action buttons: shooting, jumping, bowing, filling bullets, and others. You can also customize the controls in the main menu to your needs and preferences.

If you looking to download games similar to PUBG offline or looking for Free Fire mod apk, then you might want to try Free Survival mod apk. Because the battle royale genre games are increasingly popular in this year. Stunning graphics and interesting gameplay are the reason battle royale games are getting more and more fans. And one of the battle royale games that are popular today is PUBG Mobile, Fornite and Free Fire. As a multiplayer game with many players, most popular battle royale games like PUBG Mobile require an internet connection to be able to play it.

Without a stable connection will certainly be an obstacle for those of you who want to play battle royale games. Many people will looking for PUBG Offline or Free Fire Offline, but well for those of you who want to play offline battle royale games, this time we will talk about Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod apk which is exciting battle royale games on Android devices, namely offline PUBG-like games that you can play without an internet connection. 

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds is the best survival shooter game for your phone. The best single-player battle royale games with strategic games, amazing graphics, and a variety of fun experiences, play and enjoy a unique mobile gaming experience.

Free Survival mod apk became the small size PUBG offline pubg-like game that could be played without internet data. This offline battle royale game offers realistic HD graphics and a main map similar to PUBG, which is in the city of Pochinki on the Erangel map. Free Survival also has interesting gameplay with various aspects of war similar and even can called it PUBG mod apk, ranging from characters to gunshot sounds. 

Shoot your target with a very realistic weapon. You've never seen a realistic gun game like this: pistol, shotgun, rifle, machine gun... It felt like a real command on the front lines of the battlefield survived! Pull your knife, enter the battlefield and experience a true survival shooter's journey on the battlefield. Explore the beautiful surroundings of the fire battlefield.

Unlike other games in this genre, in Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod apk you will never find a human/player enemy. All opponents are computer controlled or bot, so you don't need an internet connection to play. The enemy's behavior and abilities will depend on the level of difficulty you choose. In easy mode, most enemies will not be very effective or precise, whereas in difficult mode, they are much more deadly.

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds is an exciting third-person angled action game that lets you enjoy the classic battle royale experience without the need for an internet connection. You can play anytime and anywhere. What's more, you can unlock many additional skins for your collection armed with coins and gems that have been earned from winning games.
-Unlimited Ammo
Link Download:

Size: 214mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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