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FootLOL: Crazy Soccer! Action Football Game Mod APK

FootLOL: Crazy Soccer takes on the theme of playing football. Although the essence of the game is to score against the opponent's goal, players are allowed to justify all means in achieving it. Using national football teams from different countries, players can field various unexpected things on the field.

FootLOL mod apk lets you use mines, shields, aliens, cows, weapons, and more cheats to annihilate opposing teams and protect your players. You can play this crazy football against your friends or you can just play with AI opponents.

As a manager, you'll take your team through several training matches, before being unleashed on a new planet. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new gadgets or skills, you can improve your players performance, and you can unlock new kits and hats for them to wear in the arena.

A casual game that is very suitable to be used as entertainment. Not an ordinary football game, but football with explosions and chaos in it. Because we can use mines, and other unique things as the game progresses. As well as in the gameplay, we don't control the player. So these players will move automatically. We are managers in this game. His job is to lay mines and the like.

FootLOL is a football games are super riotous, super weird, and super fun. Don't be upset if you've been made to lose by an enemy in FootLOL: Crazy Soccer. The athletes are cows, the pitch is narrow, but the power-ups of the game are guaranteed to be splashy. You can use machine gun, tornado, roman soldiers, to meteor showers that will make the football field shake. Not only on earth, you can also enjoy the ridiculous football match on the moon!

Just like us, the other side does the same. The beginning of our level is only equipped with mines during the game. But as the level increases, the tools / weapons we carry will be more and more. Later will open a shield to protect players from the explosion of opponents' mines, or a tool that can make our players move quickly. Even from the info, we will also be able to bring up cows in the field. 

Opponents often have the same tricks you do so it's not as easy as knocking the ball behind the net. You have to meet the requirements for each level – which might mean losing, or fighting to come back from defeat! Thankfully, addictive action, cute characters, and the best arsenal seen in football matches because, well, Arsenal make every game too close to call upon. It is an arcade action football game with a league.

FootLOL mod apk is very hilarious, in the screenshot below you can see a ball field full of cannons that fire dozens of balls. Every team has special skills that can make their players laugh. In fact, there are also teams that are able to burn the field with meteor showers.

As a casual game, the gameplay of this game is quite addictive. Suitable to play as a tired release and again need entertainment. And it also seems suitable to be played by all circles, even for those of you who do not like football though. Also, what we share is the FootLOL mod apk premium version, where there are no ads in it. Plus there is another mod, which is unlimited money mod.
-Unlimited Money (After 1x Match)
Link Download:

Size: 40mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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